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11 Ways to Make Hair Grow Faster, According to Experts

Plus ways to speed up hair growth naturally.

These Insanely Helpful Garden Plants Keep the Mosquitoes Away

Say goodbye to the outdoor pests. Bugs come with the territory when you’re outdoors, but some are more tolerable than others. If it feels like mosquitoes are invading your yard, it’s understandable to want to do what you can to get rid of them. Enter mosquito repellent plants. Here’s the thing: Experts say that the best way to keep mosquitoes at bay is to use personal repellents recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But if you want to go a more natural route, you may be interested in selecting certain plants—they’re just not necessarily guaranteed to work as well as a spray. “The idea that planting certain plants around your home will successfully repel mosquitoes is only supported by anecdotal evidence and not empirical evidence,” says Eva Buckner, Ph.D., assistant professor and state extension specialist at the University of Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory. It’s important to note, though, that there is some evidence that certain plants may help discourage certain mosquitoes from setting up camp in your yard—they just don’t work as well as a chemical or spray. If it feels like your outdoor space is a haven to mosquitoes, it’s a good idea to “eliminate mosquito breeding grounds on and around your property by draining standing water from flowerpots, birdbaths, grill covers, baby pools, and other sources,” says Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., board-certified entomologist and senior vice president of public affairs at the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Using a small fan outside may also help keep mosquitoes away since “they are not strong flyers,” Fredericks says. But if you like the look and smell of certain plants and want to see if they keep the mosquitoes away, too, there’s no reason not to try them. These are the plants fans swear are most likely to help get rid of mosquitoes. Snap up one or a few to enhance your outdoor space.

7 Bizarre But Delicious Fruit Smoothie Combinations You Have to Try

Rise and shine with these wonderfully weird smoothies.

How Gen Zers dine out: From spicy food to menu hacks

Gen Zers love to customize their food, they're suckers for a mashup like birria ramen, and they crave spicy dishes.

Dermatologists Say These Hair Oils Promote Long, Thick, Healthy Hair

Say goodbye to dry, thinning hair and hello to shiny, healthy strands.

Do Costco’s Frozen Chicken Bakes Live Up to Fresh Ones? I Tried Both

Costco sells fresh and frozen versions of its popular food court Chicken Bakes. I put them head to head to see how they compare.

A-list celebrities with June birthdays

A huge number of A-list celebrities were born in June! It's the month when summer really begins—the perfect time to celebrate a special occasion. Click through the following gallery to see countless celebs with June birthdays, some even on the same day, and wish them many happy returns.

Cheetos Salsa Con Queso Flavor Is Finally Back

After being out of commission for years, the super popular Salsa Con Queso Cheetos are finally back in stores.

I had a rough divorce, but I still buy a Father's Day present for my kids' dad

I'm a mom of two and share custody with my ex. Despite having had a rough divorce, I take my kids to get their dad a Father's Day present.

40 Iconic Couples From the '70s

You probably forgot about some of these duos.

Princess Kate gives a back to work update after Trooping the Colour announcement

Kate, the Princess of Wales will be joining her husband Prince William and their children at Trooping the Colour on June 15.

I've Eaten At Nearly Every Single Chain Restaurant—These Are The Best Menu Items

Two years later and 20 restaurants down, this is our official list. People always ask: What are the *best* chain restaurant menu items? Honestly, I've tried too many to count; they've all become a massive blur in my memory. So, to make your lives easier (and, selfishly, mine), I've made the official ranking of the best menu items at each restaurant I've visited. Buckle up y'all.

10 Genius Ways To Use Up All That Produce In Your Fridge

These meals take mere minutes.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2024: Quotes, Slogans And HD Posters To Share On This Day To Raise Awareness

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2024: People will commemorate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day tomorrow, June 15, around the world. It is an important occasion that draws attention to the serious and frequently ignored problem of elder abuse. This day is devoted to highlighting the different types of abuse—such as financial, emotional, physical, and neglect—that older experience. This awareness day is significant because it helps inform the...

Bethenny Frankel says she's tried about 1,000 beauty products. Here are 6 of her favorites.

Bethenny Frankel is known for her honest beauty product reviews on TikTok. Here are some of her favorite ones, including drugstore picks.

Taylor Swift UK Eras tour: Taylor gets a whole new Versace tourdrobe for her UK shows

Taylor Swift UK Eras tour: Taylor gets a whole new Versace tourdrobe for her UK shows - Taylor Swift’s Eras tour has finally landed in the UK, and she’s treating her fans to two brand new Versace looks to mark the occasion

Pub Quiz: Test your general knowledge with our 20 tricky questions

As the weekend approaches, it's time to unwind, gather your friends and family, and test your wits with The Daily Express's Friday Night Pub Quiz!

Pixie Lott puts on a leggy display in red PVC blazer mini dress as she and husband Oliver Cheshire attend Perfect Magazine party

The pair looked every inch the stylish couple as they attended the launch of Perfect Magazine's new issue at Aries in London on Thursday.

'Lisan': Arabic word for tongue is connected to the idea of truth

There is an old, unattributed Arabic proverb that says: “Your tongue is your horse, if you protect it, it will protect you.” All variations of this proverb highlight the importance of what you say and how you say it, referencing the tongue as a tool in which one communicates what’s on their mind or in their heart to the world. This week’s Arabic wo...

What Are Nutritionist's Favorite Fall Fruits?

Favorite fall fruits to add to your fall haul.

Ludus love: the art of playful affection

Whether you're aware or not, it turns out that love is a well-researched field of psychology. For decades now scientists have been looking at the various ways people express and receive romantic love. Well, one of the recognized types of love is Ludus love, and it's all about being playful and flirty and enjoying the moment with your partner. Ludus love tends to be more common in casual relationships, but it has its place in longer-term relationships, too. Curious? Check out this gallery to discover more about Ludus love.

8 Foods With a Surprisingly Short Life, Even in the Refrigerator

You shouldn't wait to eat any of these items.

Maya Jama's 'no bra' t-shirt is a serious mood

The Love Island host just shared a series of comical pics to her Instagram. See photos

Love Island’s Samantha Kenny Uses £14 Beauty Product – And Hailey Bieber Swears By It

The make-up artist shared her one beauty non-negotiable before entering the villa.

Bands that perfected the art of matching outfits

Image is a very important element in a band's career, and indeed can dictate whether or not a group becomes successful. It's safe to say that all groups have their own unique style. Many are, of course, influenced by the music genre they play, but some also have one particular thing in common: they wear matching outfits. From hip-hop to rock, and, of course, pop, there are many music artists who like to coordinate outfits. In this gallery, we bring you some of the most iconic. Click on!

This Renewed Five-star Hotel in Paris Has Some of the Best Eiffel Tower Views in the City

Hôtel Balzac’s sleek new redesign sets the standard for tech-savvy luxury, with loads of personality and meaningful interactions.

Check out the resemblance between these famous fathers and sons!

We all inherit things from our families. In the case of these famous families, the lucky sons inherited their father's good looks and star power! While many of these celebrity dads are in their twilight years, or have even passed away, it's fascinating to look back at their youth and see just how similar they were to their handsome sons. Click through and prepare to be surprised!

How to live with your pet if you're allergic

Owing a pet can be great for your heath, among many other benefits. Sadly, though, some of us refrain from doing so because we're allergic to them. If this is indeed your case, we have good news for you: there are ways to reduce the impact of allergens in your home, both those produced by your pet and those carried by your animal (e.g. in their coat). In this gallery, you will find out what to do if you think you're allergic to your pet. Click on and start today!

Here Are the Best Dog Running Leashes to Keep Up With Your Pup

Choose from our list of the best picks for dog walkers and runners alike!

These Korean Skin Care Brands Will Give You Glass Skin

Inspo for your next K-beauty haul.

12 products every new golf parent needs

As young parents begin their journey of parenthood, they often find themselves putting their hobbies and free time on hold. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with golf. We scoured the internet to find all the best ways to include your little ones in your favorite pastime. From ingenious new stroller inventions to customized clubs for your s...

'Disconnected' Prince Harry slammed for 'forgetting about pals who were there for him'

Prince Harry has previously revealed how his old friends have fallen by the wayside since he and wife Meghan Markle stepped down as senior working royals and relocated to the US

Team What’s On pick their favourite things in the UAE right now

These are our favourite things in the UAE right now… Celebrating World Burger Day with… Five Guys That’s the burger chain, not a hypothetical entourage. This Tuesday saw the annual passing of the internationally observed Burger Day. It doesn’t have the goth caché of Halloween, or the transubstantiated chocolate of Easter – but it does […]

Tasty Comfort Food That’s Still Good For You

Because comfort food can still be delicious and nutritious.

How Julianne Goldmark Turned a Love for Korean Hair Care Into Your Favorite Accessories Brand

The Emi Jay founder talks claw clips, hair masks, and that one time Harry Styles wore her design.

Aaj Ka Panchang 15 June 2024: Check Today’s Sunrise, Moonrise Timings, Shubh Muhurat Rahu Kaal, And More

Aaj Ka Panchang 15 June 2024: The Hindu Panchang originates in Vedic astrology. In addition to offering astrological advice, the Panchang forecasts favourable and unfavourable times of the day. According to the Panchang, on 15th June 2024, Rahu Kaal will take place from 08:52 AM to 10:37 AM. The auspicious Ravi Yog will be formed today. The Disha Shool for today is East, hence, it is not advised to travel in this direction. Read the important...

'RHONJ' Sneak Peek: Danielle Cabral Reveals a New Twist in Jennifer Aydin Hairstylist Drama (Exclusive)

In ET's 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' first look, Danielle Cabral addresses hairdresser Lina Kidis' claims about her.

Different ways that spirits may communicate with us

Have you ever spotted a wild animal during the day and felt it was there to tell you something? Ever felt your hairs stand on end when listening to a song you haven't heard in years? If so, it's possible a spirit was trying to contact you. Indeed, many people believe that our loved ones stay in contact with us via various channels, even once they have passed. Curious? Check out this gallery to find out more.

The pundit style clichés to watch out for at the Euros

Modern footballers are intertwined with the fashion industry. Their aspirational lifestyles and massive social media reach makes them perfect ambassadors for leading brands – just this week, England and Real Madrid wonderkid Jude Bellingham was unveiled as the new face of Kim Kardashian’s underwear brand, Skims, and Chelsea captain Reece James walk...

I Tried Cracker Barrel's New Summer Menu & There Was One Entrée I Adored

I ate my way through Cracker Barrel's new chicken and steak items, but the sweet breakfast option stole the show.

Princess Kate Releases a Rare Message About Her Absence From Royal Duties

After missing an important event amid her cancer treatment, Kate said she hopes to do this “once again very soon.”

Rita Ora reveals the skincare secret that 'changed her skin'

The singer has revealed the hands behind her enviable complexion

When royal tours go awry

The royal tour has been a tradition of the British monarchy for many generations. They involve official stately visits by members of the royal family to other nations within the British Commonwealth and beyond, usually traveling to several cities or countries in one trip. While it may look like they're on holidays as they're photographed taking in the local sights, royal tours are actually all about publicity and diplomatic relations. The visiting royals must meet with local leaders, visit important institutions, take part in ceremonies, and be seen to take in the local culture. Each event is carefully planned, and they are constantly being ferried from one public engagement to the next while thousands of eyes watch their every move. Royal tours are rife with accidents and blunders, as the tight-laced family deal with unexpected circumstances far outside of their comfort zone. Intrigued? Then click through this gallery to learn about royal tours that went completely off the rails (sometimes literally).

A Look Back at ’90s Red Carpet Style

We’re revisiting the looks and the icons from the end of the 20th century.

Radhika Merchant reveals wearing a gown with Anant Ambani’s love letter printed on it for THIS reason; Find out

The Ambani’s have made everyone go gaga over their grand celebration for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s wedding. The couple who is all set to tie the knot in July has hosted two pre-wedding ceremonies till now with the recent one being aboard a Mediterranean cruise. Several pictures from the event have been going viral and Radhika’s looks hav...

What happened in the minutes before Princess Kate's health update

The announcement that the Princess of Wales will be attending Trooping the Colour tomorrow was released to the press shortly before it was made known to the public.

10 Iron-Rich Foods You Need to Add to Your Diet

Chocolate included!

Paris Hilton on How She's Handling Comments About Her Parenting Style (Exclusive)

Paris Hilton tells ET she has a positive approach to the negative commentary surrounding her parenting.

Find Inspiration and Closure in These 50 Moving On Quotes

These sayings will encourage you let go of the past and pursue the future.

11 Tips for Making At-Home Cooking Even Healthier

Cooking healthy at home does not have to be a chore.