Ryan Seacrest, American Top Radio and Television Journalist

Ryan Seacrest was born on 24th December in 1974 in Atlanta Georgia. He is a top American and radio journalist and has hosted popular radio and television shows. The shows include American Idol television show and the radio program: On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

His career in the media took off in 1993 when he hosted ESPN sports game show: The Radical Outdoor Challenge. After two years, he hosted the favorite radio show; On Air with Ryan Seacrest, which was a top-rated weekday show. Later, he hosted gladiator, and then started co-hosting the American Idol program. The program entails singing competition, and lasted between 2002 and 2016 which left Seacrest a popular journalist.

Last year, Ryan Seacrest moved from Los Angeles to New York where he is hosting live with Ryan and Kelly. He still hosts Ryan show and other programs such as keeping with the Kardashian, American Idol, in addition to taking care of his clothing and skin care business.

He starts his day with a morning routine where he gets out of bed at 6 am, takes a shower, shaves and moisturizes his face before dressing up. He then proceeds to make his breakfast of matcha tea and coffee, which he claims sets the tone of his body. Afterward, he is ready for his morning training where he does boxing, training, and runs in the park or rides peloton bike.

He updates himself by reading through the overnight news, and watching some television programs before setting out for work. Seacrest goes through the papers as he commutes to work, and then proceeds to work the whole day. He likes vegetable foods and wine which he usually enjoys during the weekend.

Besides his career in the media industry, Ryan Seacrest is also the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a non-profit organization which works to inspire the youth by availing entertainment and education-related programs. The foundation has the objective of building broadcast media centers within pediatric health facilities for the patient to learn more about media. Such facilities are now available in various hospitals including Atlanta, Dallas, California, Denver, Charlotte, Philadelphia and Orange County among others.

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Paul Mampilly helping people of Wall Street broaden their tree of wealth

Currently, Paul Mampilly is busy offering his best to his next career, one that has been built on the success that he received on the first one. After years of working at Wall Street and he rose to the fame where people knew him as a portfolio manager, he has been transitioning to something new. The past years he has been working on ways that he could be able to build his publishing career that would bring help to the people on Wall Street through their investment plans. Through his publishing career, he will be able to distribute the knowledge that he has in investment to various people all over the world. Banyan Hill is the one responsible in the publishing of the newsletters. The business is more of an equal model.

Paul has one goal, and that is he will be able to spread the wealth around by bring sound investment advice and sometimes he will offer aggressive strategies. Paul Mampilly attended Montclair State University where he studied for his bachelor in business administration from 1986 to 1991. Later on, when Paul had already started his career path, he joined Fordham Gabelli School for his masters. After he finished his studies at Montclair State, he moved so that he would be able to work at Wall Street. The first job that he got was being an assistant portfolio manager to Bankers Trust Company, and he later became the company’s full portfolio manager.

In 2016, Paul Mampilly decided that he wanted to offer more, so he retired from his job and joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor. At the Banyan Hill Mampilly he is among the experts that are working there. The role of Paul is that he will be able to advise the people of Main Street on the ways that they can build their portfolios. He talks to people on ways that they can grow their investments, small-cap stocks, and tech opportunities. In 2017, the unlimited profit newsletter that Paul Mampilly works on reached 60,000 subscribers. Paul Mampilly believes that to offer the best to people, he must have a team of excellent researchers and thinkers. So that they can work together to collect the best data, analyze everything and then package the newsletter.

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Ted Bauman: One Voice Concerned about the Stock Market

There have been many stock market crashes in history, however, most of the people on Wall Street feel the good times for the stock market will last forever. There is a growing number in the financial community who feel that stocks have run their course. Ted Bauman is one individual who is beginning to feel that there could be a stock market crash in the near future. While living abroad, he became an expert in low-risk investment strategies. He is an editor at Banyan Hill publishing. He currently writes three newsletters that have helped thousands of subscribers make smart financial decisions. Much of his career life has been helping the less fortunate. He took on many managerial roles in the nonprofit sector to help the poor with housing needs. He recently wrote about several market crash scenarios that could take place soon.

Ted Bauman feels strongly that the US stock market is one of the most overvalued stock markets in history. One of the main tools he uses to measure stock valuations is the CAPE ratio. The current reading is 32, which screams that the market is very overvalued. Ted Bauman notes that the dot.com bubble was the only time in history that the CAPE ratio showed a higher reading. Mr. Bauman is not alone in calling the stock market overvalued. He feels that there is a possibility that stocks could fall as much as seventy percent. The current bull market has had a few shaky trading days but still remains strong. It may not take much longer for other traders to all feel the market is overvalued, in which case stocks may fall to fair value.

Ted Bauman also uses October 1987 as another possible scenario to a stock market crash. It took place on a Monday and was the largest one day fall in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on a percentage basis in history. It would be the equivalent of stocks falling twenty percent. It is important for investors to remain calm during sudden crashes like this because stocks could immediately bounce back. Investors who did not panic in 1987 came out ahead at the end of the year.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA – A Brief History

Currently present in all regions of Brazil as one of the biggest distributors of Ford, Hyundai, and Subaru vehicles in the area, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA has prospered for over 40 years and achieved many milestones along the way including the selling of over one million vehicles in Brazil. Formerly a doctor the story of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is nothing short of inspirational and full of entrepreneurial spirit and a story that all young and aspiring entrepreneurs should look up to.

The story begins when a Ford dealership in the state of Paraiba, went broke shortly after selling a Ford Landau to one Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, which was never really delivered to him. Dr.Carlos offered dealership to compensate him for the pre payment made for the vehicle by passing the ownership of the bankrupt dealership to him. This was the birth of CAOA. Under the exceptional vision of Dr. Carlos, within six years CAOA became the biggest Ford dealership in all of Brazil. Ford however, was only the beginning as in the year 1992 CAOA imported vehicles by the French company Renault. While this partnership was later ended but while it lasted, CAOA made Renault number one in sales of imported cars and brought them to the 5th position in automotive markets and general. The range of brands from which the vehicles were imported only went on increasing with a Subaru partnership in 1998 and Hyundai in 1999.

Dr. Carlos expanded his vision even further in 2007 and that was when the first Hyundai assembly plant in Brazil was established by the name CAOA Automobile Assembly S/A. On Wikipedia, it was mentioned that awards began pouring in for the company in the year 2010 after it began adopting environment friendly policies. 2015 brought about further expansion when CAOA assembly plant also established a research and energy efficiency center to further their endeavor in the automotive industry. Despite all of its achievements its potentially biggest venture began in 2017, when CAOA partnered with China’s Cherry to produce a completely Brazilian car manufacturer. The 40 years for which the company has been running, it has seen continuing growth and prosperity.

See Dr. Carlos’ profile on Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/carlos-alberto-de-oliveira-andrade

Robert Ivy: Professional Societies Benefits To Employees

The modern employers have now realized that they can achieve so much in their businesses when they ensure that they have a powerful team to manage. Workers in any company have to be well equipped with knowledge and confidence in the workplace so that they can perform and also deliver greater results with minimal supervision.

Robert Ivy, a leading architect in the United States has brought a new meaning in the professional lives of many workers in the world. His organization, known to many as AIA has been respected because of safeguarding the architects living in America. Many professionals have taken a similar route, and their employers are encouraging them to join the professional societies. He is the current CEO of AIA.

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When Robert Ivy and several other professional architects wanted to establish their professional organization, they thought about the different ways they could use to make the members happy and content at their places of work. Their ideas have been used by many other individuals living in America and other parts of the world. In the recent times, professionals are joining these institutions so that they can have the following benefits.

Networking opportunities

Professionals, regardless of their industries, need to network and uplift each other. Robert Ivy believes that this can only take place well in the professional organizations. People with similar skills meet and talk about their work and the things they go through every day. New working opportunities are also discovered during the networking moments that are held by these organizations. Most of them have their meetings once or twice a year, and all the members are always looking forward to the meetings so that they can meet the people who have similar working opportunities.

Educational resources

All workers need to educate themselves and ensure that they are experts in the areas they have specialized in. Robert Ivy says that most of the professional societies in the market at the moment know the value of educational materials in their companies, and this is why they have made sure that their websites and newsletters have factual information that will assist the workers who have access to them. Robert Ivy was a graduate of University of the South.

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Drew Madden discusses problems with slow adoption of new tech within healthcare

Drew Madden is one of the leading figures within the healthcare IT space in the United States. He served for more than five years as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, a firm that he was able to radically grow, turning it into one of the leading healthcare IT companies in the country today. He is currently the CEO of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a consulting firm that seeks to create seamless integration between both the software and human elements of the nation’s healthcare system while driving down costs and increasing efficiency.

Madden says that one of the historic problems within the U.S. healthcare system has been its unwillingness or inability to adopt revolutionary technology and then adeptly apply it to increasing efficiency and bettering patient outcomes. He cites the revolution that took place in the late 1970s with respect to barcode technology. Madden points out that by the early 1980s, the majority of consumer goods in the United States were marked with UPC codes. This, coupled with UPC readers at both the point of sale and in the warehousing and stocking realms, created a revolution in the management of inventories. It created enormous cost savings for the retailers that were able to adopt it. And these cost savings were ultimately passed on to the consumer. Madden believes that it is not an exaggeration to say that barcode technology has been one of the reasons that inflation has been so historically low over the last 30 years. The cost savings across the nation’s economy that can be attributed to this revolutionary technology are hard to overstate.

Yet, at the same time, Madden said that barcode technology was not adopted by hospitals until the late 2000s. And he says that it currently is still not universally seen throughout the nation’s healthcare system. Madden says that while barcodes can lower the cost of a box a cereal, they can actually save lives when they’re applied to scanning for adverse drug reactions at the patient’s bedside. Madden says that more competition needs to be introduced so that hospitals are as quick to make capital improvements as retailers were in the ‘70s.

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel; an ER Doctor Who Cares

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel works in emergency medicine, specifically as an ER (emergency room) doctor.  He attended medical school from 2009 to 2012. He completed his residency in emergency medicine in 2012.

He has been certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine in emergency medicine. He has experience in the emergency room setting for over six years. He has been trained in a variety of medical jobs such as trauma, injuries, fractures and cuts, cardiac distress, and acute illnesses, as well as others. He is skilled in and prepared to quickly assess and treat all emergency room issues.  He has received many certifications and is authorized by several medical boards that indicate he has a strong knowledge of multiple medical conditions.

Recently, Dr. Forsthoefel was asked to give his opinion about one of the largest issues in our country’s health care system today; the high use of the emergency room for non-urgent care. He admits this has become a problem in the hospital he works in, which has seen hundreds of non-urgent care patients.

Dr. Forsthoefel feels many people will choose to the come to the ER over making an appointment and seeing a primary care doctor is due to the lack of access to basic primary care medicine, along with high copays. Other issues are long wait times, which can add up to days in order to see a primary care doctor, as well as even higher out of pocket costs if the patient is referred to a specialist.

Even though a patient’s visit to the ER might not be an emergency, Dr. Forsthoefel still makes it a priority to provide a high level of care. However, the increasing amount of non-urgent patients makes it harder to give prompt care to the patients that truly need it. Also, sometimes the level of the care a patient needs isn’t always discernable right up front.

Regardless of this issue, Dr. Forsthoefel and his staff do their best provide the highest level of care to all patients. He does admit that because their time and resources are being used in both urgent and non-urgent care, emergency departments visits are becoming less effective, even critical.

In some states, certain insurance companies have actively stopped paying for non-urgent care in emergency rooms, and more and more states are starting to follow this trend. Their reasoning is to save increase profits and save money. Already, there have been cases where an insurance company refused to cover care, even when a dangerous medical problem could have arisen without care. There are multiple symptoms a patient can have that could either turn out to be “nothing” or become a life-threatening issue.

Dr. Forsthoefel is aware that if a patient needs to pay for care out of pocket, they might choose not to come in for care at all, even if it meant that they could die, so he would prefer to provide care for everyone who comes through their doors, regardless of their reason.  Don’t avoid going to the emergency room if you suspect you might any type of medical emergency.


How to be a Better Volunteer with the Help of NGP VAN?

NGP VAN is the main innovation supplier to Democratic political parties. Additionally, NGP VAN offers its services to charities, districts, and different gatherings offering customers a coordinated stage of the best-raising money, consistency, field, sorting out, computerized, and long range interpersonal communication items. About each major Democratic battle in America is fueled by NGP VAN’s product, including the Obama crusade’s voter contact, volunteer, raising money and consistency activities in every one of the 50 states.


From fairness – conceptive rights to instruction – environmental change, the interests of these pioneers and associations are forming a more promising time to come. NGP VAN is energetic about offering innovation they have to breathe life into their objectives.


Great political volunteers know how to use the tools their leaders give them because every single one compiles a specific objective. You can be a better volunteer by using the help of NGP Van when constructing emails for possible voters.


NGP VAN offers products such as Built-In Mail Templates. NGP VAN’s focused on email offers a library of pre-manufactured formats to make sending email easy. Browse over twelve choices (counting portable advanced formats) or make your own particular layouts to guarantee that your battle is sending very successful and wonderful messages to your givers.

Their Built-In Mail Templates include the option of doing One-Click Contributions and Actions. These actions Incorporate a commitment interface in your email to supporters and exploit NGP’s a single click commitment and charge card autofill over NGP’s big FastAction organize. FastAction permits supporters that have spared Mastercard data to consequently submit to a commitment page, significantly expanding raising money potential.


Additionally, you’ll have the option of checking at Comprehensive Statistics and Email Series. With the statistics, you can comprehend what’s working and what’s not working with your email insights dashboard and propelled announcing instruments to track and dissect email execution. See a next to each other examination of the aggregate sum raised, normally raised per beneficiary, activities per click, open rates, and so on.


With email series, you can Run a refined email program with less exertion utilizing Email Series. Plan a mechanized arrangement of messages to change over new email endorsers into contributors, transform high potential one-time benefactors into maximizing givers, naturally follow up on exceptional promises or reconnect dormant supporters.


NGP Van’s products are completely reliable. They’ve helped customers send billions of messages and comprehend what’s going on in the balance. Their group of specialists is prepared when you require them the most.





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Meet Glen Wakeman: the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings

Everyone is trying to find ways to improve their living standards. With the current economy, many people are opting for entrepreneurship. However, it has not appeared as easy as it may sound. The responsibility of running a business can be cumbersome for newbies. Glen Wakeman has taken the responsibility of ensuring that the dreams of the many young business people do not go to drain. Wakeman is the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC.

Different circumstances inspire people to start certain ventures. Glen Wakeman says that he has always found it exciting to match ideas with money, hence the business. The other thing that inspired him to start his firm is because he realized that they were very many startups with great ideas but they consistently failed. He wanted to find out the reason behind the failures. Wakeman says that he later realized that many people did not differentiate between a plan and an idea hence the failure. They thought they could help by creating software to create a plan.

Bringing ideas to life can be tough even for people who have been in business for a long time. Glen Wakeman says that he forces himself to talk about his ideas to other elites. To explain and let others see the credibility of his idea, he has to make sure that he collects the right information and the facts. He adds that this works for him because he has a vibrant team who do not agree with everything that is brought across the table without a thorough evaluation.

There are special traits that every investor has that makes them unique and successful. Glen says that for him, its curiosity. It helps him to stay calm during problem-solving. He seeks to understand why certain things happen the way they do in every calamity. Through his curiosity, he can satisfy the needs of his customers. He also values every person he meets along his career. He says that if he has a chance to change something in the past, it could be record keeping. Wakeman would ensure he keeps in touch with every person he met on his way up.

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Real Estate Investment Require Skills And Experience: Christopher Linkas

I have noted a conventional method that investors are doing while investing in real estate. They purchase and start operating one or even more of the single-family rentals. I can say it is a logical approach they are using because it is the process they understand after they purchased their own home too. Besides, if they own a second home, it is also attractive because as a buyer they have already witnessed equity of their homes as they grow with time.


It is unfortunate for those investors that seek the balanced and diversified approach to the real estate investment, and it will be better if they rethink the strategy and then opt to build a passive commercial one.


When you own a single family rental as an investor, there are challenges that you face. When you own and operate one, it is riskier and tough work, but most have not realized that. There are numerous challenges similar to an investment vehicle. One of the problems that investors face is lack of a sustainable flow of cash. It is unless you purchase with debt, the rentals provide little or no sustainable cash flow especially in most markets. Also, the other challenge that they face is an excess risk. When leveraged, as an investor, you will be required to assume the equity loss of more than 100 percent risk after taking recourse debt. It is a substantial element that is risky and often overlooked by the investors.


Most people can act as financial advisors in these days, but it is only a few of them that can back with many years of success and experience. He is the man, Christopher Linkas, a financial advisor who has been in the finance field for more than 25 years. Besides, Christopher Linkas is knowledgeable and full of skills where he has been able to work at top companies, and through his success, Christopher Linkas has become a hot commodity at any time he discusses investment. The question is how Christopher Linkas was able to get into the top position. Everything all started with his early passion after completing college, and it has led him to the current job working for a UK-based Investment Organization.