Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant issue 9-page dress code to guests for their wedding warm-up party

A three-day celebration for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant will take place at the groom's parents' house in Jamnagar, India, this weekend.

27 of the most stunning greenhouses in the world

From the towering palms and Brutalist architecture of London’s Barbican Conservatory to the glass rooftop of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, here’s our pick of the world's best greenhouses.

Ten priciest red carpet jewels, from Priyanka Chopra in Bulgari to the Titanic necklace

Margot Robbie recently walked the red carpet wearing a white diamond necklace reportedly worth $2.5 million at the Producers Guild Awards. To complement her dress by Balmain, the Barbie actress chose Jacob & Co's Diamond Riviera necklace, set with 63.50 carats of round, brilliant-cut diamonds. She paired it with a seven-carat diamond ring worth an ...

Kate Winslet: ‘Getting mistaken for Cate Blanchett is a huge compliment!’

Opening up about how fans mix her and Cate Blanchett up “a lot”, Kate Winslet said she considers it massively flattering.

The evolution of Disney princesses

For more than six decades, Disney has held a monopoly over children's films, forming the basis of several generations' perceptions of what men and women should act like. The media giant has done its best to engage with up-to-date standards and norms, and while their work has been revolutionary at times, it has also been quite regressive at others. Disney princesses have long reflected the social context of their times, which is why their evolution has been as drastic as the cultural shifts we've seen over the past century. Click ahead to journey through Disney's most celebrated women, and see whether much has changed at all.

First look: What's there and who's at the Art Dubai 2024 contemporary section

Art Dubai is back this week. Before it opens to the public on Friday, The National goes behind the scenes for a sneak peek at what to expect. Hours before previews begin on Thursday, the stage is almost set for the 17th year. This is especially true of the contemporary and Bawwaba sections. The latter is dedicated to the concept of artistic healing...

It's a tie! Movie stars who shared awards

Sometimes celebs don’t get to hog the spotlight. Quite a few actors and filmmakers have tied at award ceremonies, sharing the stage, the prize, and the glory. Do you remember these unusual moments from the Oscars or Golden Globes? You'll find both recent examples and historic ones from way back in this gallery. From Barbara Streisand to Jerry Seinfeld, keep clicking to find out which Hollywood stars have shared the prizes at awards ceremonies.

Modesty is overrated! Cringeworthy posts from 'geniuses' who desperately want you to know how smart they are

People from around the world have shared screen grabs of cringe-worthy interactions online and have collated them into a hilarious gallery for your enjoyment.

Ramadan 2024: Dubai's Global Village unveils new timings; chance to win smartphones weekly

Visitors can shop at the brand-new Wonders Souk situated which will be themed after a traditional Emirati market

Ramadan Recipes: Mansaf

Mansaf, a traditional dish hailing from Jordan, holds a special place in the hearts and tables of many during Ramadan. This hearty and aromatic meal combines tender lamb, fragrant rice, and tangy yogurt sauce, creating a feast fit for sharing with loved ones during the holy month. With its rich flav

Braj Ki Holi 2024: Dates And Schedule Of This Extravagant 10-Day Celebration In Barsana, Nandgaon And Vrindavan

Braj Ki Holi 2024: The extravagant “Braj Holi” is a distinctive and vibrant Holi event that takes place in the Indian area of Brij, particularly in sacred places like Barsana, Nandgaon and Vrindavan. The duration of these festivities is ten days. These extended festivities are very important in Hinduism because they preserve the eternal tale of happiness and love between Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna, therefore preserving their essence for us....

Hilarious low-cost celebrity outfits, recreated by John Drops

Queen waves off Lady Gabriella and Thomas Kingston after wedding

This is the heartwarming moment an emotional Queen Elizabeth waved off Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston after their royal wedding. The loved-up couple tied the knot in 2019, at St George's Chapel in Windsor.

Practical careers for creative people

In the modern world, there are plenty of professions in which people can put their creative skills to use in a practical discipline, allowing them to avoid the obstacles that life as musicians or artists present, such as having to tour to play concerts, or being poor! In theory, people can be creative in any profession, but some require creativity more than others. Click through this gallery to discover some practical professions that require or at least allow people to flex their creative muscles.

How to have an ethical wildlife experience

It’s an incredible and primordial experience to encounter wildlife, one that is essential to existing in the ecosystem of the world, teaching us about our place in it and inspiring us to take better care of its majestic nature. But it’s an experience that is at risk. With animal extinction on the rise and with many experiences catering to human comfort over animal welfare, there are unfortunately many problems with animal tourism today, ranging from zoos to the animals' natural habitats. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a right way to do it! Click through to see how to have ethical animal encounters and enjoy wildlife responsibly, so that we can protect these creatures and continue to allow future generations this magical experience.

Top Exhibits to Check out at Design Doha Biennial

The Design Doha Biennial started on Saturday, Feb. 24 and here are some exciting exhibits you must check out when you visit the biennial!Read More: Doha's First Light Festival, 'Luminous Festival', Kicks Off Top Exhibits to Check out at Design Doha BiennialArab Design Now

Angry Oompa Loompas and no chocolate: Wonka actor breaks silence on Willy’s Chocolate Experience chaos

Angry Oompa Loompas and no chocolate: Wonka actor breaks silence on Willy’s Chocolate Experience chaos - Exclusive: Comedian and actor Paul Connell played the beloved Roald Dahl character at family event in Glasgow but the celebration of sweets soon turned sour

Moment cow objects to couple getting married by mooing as they say their vows

Harry and Amy Millard (left) probably expected their wedding day at Crowcombe Court in Somerset to go off without a hitch - but one brazen cow had other plans.

Ramadan 2024: Iftars under Dh200 to check out in the UAE

Ramadan is just around the corner, which means restaurants and hotels are preparing their iftar offerings. While some options can be quite steep in terms of prices, there is no scarcity of wallet-friendly iftars that do not compromise on quality. Although predominantly Middle Eastern, selections also features non-Arabic cuisines such as Asian and I...

The downside to being an empathetic individual

Traditionally, the word "empathy" has had only positive connotations. Indeed, we have it drummed into us as children that being able to understand the feelings of others is important, and that we should always strive to do so. However, research now shows that "stepping into someone else's shoes" may have downsides as well as upsides. Check out this gallery to learn about the downsides of being an empathetic individual.

Research suggests taurine could be key to extending human life

Confucianism: an optimist's belief system

Confucianism is one of the most important belief systems in the world. Rather than being a religion with a god, it is based on reverence for others. A Confucianist believes that everyone is inherently good, they only need the right kind of education to be a moral and ethical person. Made popular by the philosopher Confucius (551-497 BCE), Confucianism is a way of life that focuses on social cohesion by satisfying humans’ need for belonging and community. Intrigued? Click through to learn more.

How to effectively manage change and transition

Although life would be boring if it always stayed the same, most of us don't like change. Even changes that are obviously for the better can put our minds and bodies under a significant amount of stress. Luckily for us, there are things we can do to manage change and transition-induced stress. Check out this gallery for some tips on how to manage change and transition.

How to stop procrastinating

My $29 'marriage saver' prevents an embarrassing moment we've all faced - and you can use it in the office too

A young Aussie woman has seen her business skyrocket after 'saving relationships' across the country with her 'genius' $29 product.

Fantastic celebrity outfits at the 2024 Producers Guild Awards

How Kate Winslet mastered the long bob in her 40s

On Monday night Kate Winslet stepped out at the New York premiere of her latest HBO series, The Regime. Dressed in a white satin blazer and black wide-leg trousers, the 48-year-old British actress also mastered one of the most popular haircuts for spring: the “lob”, or long bob. The lob is a relaxed style that looks impactful without needing a lot ...

Independent Spirit Awards 2024 red carpet: Don't miss the stars' best looks!

What are wildlife's most intriguing subspecies?

What does it mean when a scientist or conservationist talks about a subspecies? Well, what they are describing is a category in biological classification that ranks immediately below a species. In other words, a subdivision of a species. By definition, much of the wildlife that rank among subspecies are rare and endangered. But there are also some very common and domesticated creatures that are classed as being a subspecies. Intrigued? Click through and admire these creatures that look the same, but are different.

Princess Diana, forever a style icon

No phone until 16? Would you make this pact with your child?

20 brilliant things to look forward to in Abu Dhabi this March

Making the most of March… This March, we’re expecting the imminent arrival of the holy month of Ramadan – a time of festivity, celebration and joy. While that in itself is incredibly exciting, there is loads more to look forward to Abu Dhabi this month. Stellar performers, Emirati heritage and foodie goodness – take your […]

The biggest lies about love that you may believe

There isn't a single formula or list of rules about love. Every relationship is unique and everyone behaves and relates to love in different ways. The base of any relationship is trust and respect, although there are many false (yet popular) ideas about how to love another person. According to Margarida Vieite, a specialist in family therapy at the University of Seville, many of these misleading ideas seem romantic, but in reality may actually be quite toxic. Don't let yourself get fooled by the following lies about love!

25 house rules you're probably breaking

From family etiquette to energy-saving ideas, these are the top house rules to put into place to keep a healthy and harmonious home

Happy National Science Day 2024: 10 Inspirational Quotes By Indian Scientist CV Raman

Happy National Science Day 2024: Every year on February 28, National Science Day is observed to honour CV Raman, the scientist who made the significant discovery of the "Raman Effect." He was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1930 for his discovery of this phenomenon, which he made on February 28, 1928. This day is joyfully and enthusiastically observed nationwide at the levels of government, academia, and education. It's a time to honour the...

Dog breeds that get along with cats

When it comes to introducing dogs to other animals, not all breeds are created equal. Some dog breeds exhibit traits that are more compatible with cats, making them easier to train and socialize. So, if your children keep nagging you about getting a puppy but you're worried about Puss, do not despair. Browse the gallery and check out the breeds that would make great companions to your other favorite pet, according to Petbucket.

Why watching movies is actually good for you

It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that watching movies is a waste of time in that it’s passive. This may be true for some kinds of movies, however, it’s quite rare. Watching movies simply cannot be attributed the same level of passivity as watching Vine compilations on YouTube, for example. Movies can be funny. Movies can be challenging to understand and emotionally moving. Many movies require our undivided attention for hours on end. Indeed, they can be a great form of escape. Are you getting the idea? To really learn why watching movies can be good for you, click through this gallery.

Nostalgia or cringe? Take a look at these 90s celebrity hairdos

The skincare obsession is reaching children, and experts are worried

How the Moon influences our weather

As our closest neighbor, we Earth inhabitants have a certain fascination with the Moon and how it impacts our planet. Ask anyone who is into astrology and they'll tell you: it's all about the Moon. Although much of what people believe about the way in which the Moon affects us can be dismissed as myth, in fact there are subtle ways that the Moon and its forces do affect our planet. Check out this gallery to find out how the Moon influences our weather.

How to improve the air quality of your home

You're probably well aware about of pollution and its impact on public health. But how often do you think about the quality of the air inside your own home? The quality of the air that you breathe at home is just as important, and having a space filled with clean, fresh air is a great way to improve quality of life, especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. Want to know how you can easily enhance air quality and reduce the number of pollutants you breathe in? Then check out the following slides.

Stylist Law Roach says no one would lend Zendaya clothes at the start of her career

Stylist Law Roach says no one would lend Zendaya clothes at the start of her career - Roach and Zendaya have been working together for 13 years

Emotional moment the late Queen appeared to wipe away a tear of joy after the 2019 wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston - as the royals mourn his sudden death at 45

A touching video has resurfaced showing the late Queen, dressed in a beautiful pink suit, outside St George's Chapel in 2019 following the nuptials of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston.

Summer movies that defined the 90s

Things to know if you are considering an open relationship

Monogamy can be a wonderful pillar of a relationship, but it isn’t for everyone. It can also be the right thing at a certain point in a relationship, and the wrong thing at a different point in the very same relationship. Indeed, many toy with the idea of opening up their relationship, but they either don’t have the language or courage to bring it up, or they dive in without enough careful consideration. Both can lead to your relationship suffering, and potentially even ending. But there are questions that can help you and your partner decide if this is the right choice for you, and help you bring up the topic in the most loving and respectful way possible. Click through to see the things you should be asking both yourself and your partner when considering an open relationship.

Confessions of a cleaner: their worst discoveries

Those who work as cleaners have the bizarre privilege (or curse) of excavating the most private corners of people's homes. Needless to say it's not always a bed of roses. Working in cleaning is like working in customer service–you'll never see humanity the same way again! Click through this gallery to read about the weirdest things found by cleaners.

How 'spicy' books took over Young Adult fiction: Teenagers are being exposed to heavily sexual content thanks to #BookTok recommendations

Books such as A Court Of Thorns And Roses by US author Sarah J Maas and The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood are all popular on BookTok (pictured: Booktokers).

How animal moms carry their young

Bringing up a baby is a tough job. Looking after a newborn requires a lot of tender loving care, and a tremendous amount of patience. And guess what? Animals do it very well. In fact, some species make it look easy thanks to the fact that they literally carry their burden in their stride. Yep, there are moms out there who take their young everywhere—on their backs, or in pouches! But what species shoulder this kind of responsibility? Click through and find out how some animals get a grip on their offspring.

Significant signs that you might be an overachiever

Are you an overachiever? In other words, do you possess an overdeveloped work ethic, are you always striving for perfection, is it always about the outcome, and what about your poor work-life balance? If all this sounds familiar, then it's time to take a step back and ask yourself if the goal you're pursuing is really worth the trouble and strife—because the need to succeed can seriously harm your physical and mental health. Click through and find out the signs that you might be an overachiever.

The jump off: 6 UAE fitness hacks that take leap year literally

Fitness gains in leaps and bounds… Once every four years we have to cook the books on the earth’s orbit of the sun, fudging a cosmic average to keep our calendars honest. The upside is – we get an extra 24 hours in February to do with as we please, the con is that, it’s […]