Whether you read your horoscope every day or your relationship with astrology is a little more casual, we can all benefit from a star-aligned assessment of our zodiac sign's style. Every zodiac sign is different when it comes to personality and personal preference, so make a striking fashion statement based on your sign!

Here is how you can dress according to your zodiac sign:


Fire sign Aries has a trailblazing personal style, and they are fearless about debuting a new look. For everyday attire, they can put an elevated spin on the classics, combining basics with statement jewelry, unique shoes, and something that draws attention to their faces. Red is the Aries hue, and it makes a perfect pop of color for their accessories. 

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Earth sign Taurus is one of the zodiac's most elegant signs. Their closets are full of investment pieces in linen, wool, and silk, yet these sophisticates have a rebellious edge. Their wardrobes may look like a springtime forest of deep greens and browns offset by shimmering jewel tones. 

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Air sign Gemini wins the award for The Zodiac's Trendiest Sign. They have got the buzz on what's trendy and what's not since they are often fluttering around town. Throw a chic jacket over a black dress and boom! Accessories are important here! Geminis are famous for wearing stacks of bracelets and rings.


For the zodiac's Crab, fashion is a creative expression and a protective shell. These sensitive water signs have a keen style sensibility that reveals how caring and artistic they are. They will accentuate theirs with dropped necklines, chunky jewelry, and lingerie-inspired tops. Nautical looks are great for casual days.


Every day is a special occasion for this fire sign. As the sign that rules drama, Leos often look like they've stepped off a Hollywood set, with Jackie O glasses and statement-making hats. They may welcome you to the jungle with animal prints, safari style, and giant florals. Leos need their clothes to feel luxurious; soft, silky fabrics are essential for their daywear. 

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It's all about the details for Virgo. This creative earth sign knows how to make even the simplest style pop. From accessory placement to unique color combinations, they'll fuss to get their looks photo-shoot perfect with curve-skimming styles, crop tops, and high-waist jeans.

Their everyday style is more uniform. Whether it's jeans and a crisp-crisp white button-down or long maxiskirts and tiny tank tops.

How to Dress According to Your Zodiac Sign e7awi 1 How to Dress According to Your Zodiac Sign


Whether heading to a casual brunch with the girls or to a formal event, Libra keeps it chic in colorful polos, linen pants, and classic loafers. A basic errand run may involve Swarovski embellishments, booty-hugging pants, diamonds, and stilettos. They will still reach for a broad palette, especially the sunset colors associated with their sign: dusty rose, deep coral, and midnight blue. 


Enigmatic Scorpios dress for mood. But one thing is for sure: no one else in the room will look quite so pulled together. Ruled by deep, dark Pluto, it's no surprise that black is Scorpio's signature hue. Their style is definitely eclectic! 

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As a free-spirited fire sign, Sagittarius needs an eclectic wardrobe that travels well. From bohemian maxi dresses to flowy caftans, they might come to work looking like it's a beach day in the middle of winter, but of course, they'll layer with a long sweater or puffy jacket and make it work. 


Sophisticated Capricorns spin the classics but always look 100 percent fresh. They will shop top quality and build a wardrobe of well-respected designer pieces. They shine in architectural fits like tailored blazers, column dresses, and shoes with sculptural heels.


Air sign Aquarius is like the wind, breezing from one activity to the next. They will pull eclectic pieces into an impossible-to-duplicate look. Sporty and active, even their workout wear has a signature flair, from paneled leggings to vintage-inspired track pants. 


Dreamy Pisces are poetry in motion. This water sign shimmers and sparkles, wearing floaty layers and iridescent fabric that catches the light. They can go a little mystic with shawls, capes, and headwraps. 

Even in pared-down basics like leggings and a fisherman-knit sweater, this spiritual sign loves jewelry with details like mantras, mala beads, and crystals. 

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