The Exceptional Career Journey Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Banco Bradesco recently announced Octavio de Lazari as the new president to replace the outgoing Luiz Carlos Trabucco Cappi. Mr. Trabuco will however still serve as the President of the bank’s council and will retain his position in the executive committee until a later date when the general meeting will be held. Lazari Junior was one of the candidates speculated to succeed Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked in the company for more than 15 years. The succession process in one of the largest private banks in the country was initiated when Lazaro de Mello resigned from being the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Trabuco became the collegiate president. The appointment of the new president followed a formal process of succession and it was fully approved by the Succession and Appointment Committee of the organization. The management council of the bank then announced that the successor would be selected among the staff working in the financial institution.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco went to the University of Sao Paulo and graduated from the institution’s faculty of philosophy. He also holds a postgraduate diploma in Social Psychology from the School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo. After his graduation, Luiz joined Bradesco in 1984. He was made the Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2009 because of his knowledge and an experience of more than 40 years in banking. He was later on made the Chairman and the President of the company’s Board of Directors. He became the fourth president of the bank since its establishment in 1991 by Amador Aguiar. In the same year, Luiz joined the list of the Top 100 influential people in Brazil. He was also listed as one of the best Brazilian CEOs in 2016.

During his tenure as the president of Banco Bradesco, the bank doubled its size, expanded its operations, and maintained its leadership in the banking industry. Mr. Trabuco also led the company into hosting and sponsoring the Lagoa Christmas Tree in Rio de Janeiro for two decades. Luiz Carlos Trabuco initiated the acquisition of HSBC in Brazil. This acquisition was the largest in the history of the bank. Consequently, this acquisition saw him being named the Entrepreneur of the Year by the Isto E Dinheiro Magazine in 2015. Luiz Carlos has received several awards in his career including Insurance Person of the Year in 2007, Don Quixote Trophy in 2009, and Business Sector Leader in 2006.


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Clay Siegall and His Approachable Demeanor Despite His Advanced Intellect

We rarely meet today business leaders and innovators that we can relate to. Most of the genius inventors we read about look like they’re made artificially and couldn’t relate to the layman terms that we civilians use often. There is an air of unapproachability to some of the genius people today. However, we also have more approachable leaders that can show us how it is to be a genius without losing touch to reality. These leaders create businesses and inventions that break the world, change the landscape of the industries they’re in, and yet they remain modest and skeptical. One of these leaders today may be Clay Siegal, the CEO of Seattle Genetics.

The Co-Founder Duties

It is part of the duty of a co-founder to make sure that the inventions that they make get understood by the public. In an effort to do so, Clay B. Siegall went to an interview with Ideamensch to share his insight about how to start a business and sustain it in ways that can make the business grow. One of the insights he shared there was how important it is to not think you know everything, and to make sure that as you grow, you remain open-minded. It is also in the interview that we can learn that he co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, where he is still the company’s President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

We can also read from the interview that Clay Siegall’s trick to sustaining in the business is to prioritize collaboration, and to always use this strategy to get the best ideas from the people that you work with.

About Clay Siegall

Other than being the co-founder, Clay Siegall has also been part of the Board of Directors at the Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Washington Roundtable. He got his Ph.D in Genetics. It is also in University of Maryland that he got his B.S. in Zoology degree. Right now, people may easily recognize him as an entrepreneur that supports various research work in cancer cure and various programs that help in people’s various clinical development.


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Queen Elizabeth II’s 65th Coronation Anniversary – Triple Coin Set Launch

65th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation – Triple Coin-Set

The Perth Mint of Australia in partnership with the U.S. Money Reserve has proudly released an honorary selection of coins to proudly commemorate the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. This remarkable triple-set offers a two ounce gold proof coin, a quarter ounce gold proof coin, and a single ounce silver proof coin. The Perth Mint has struck this selection of coins from 99.9 percent pure gold and silver. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Angela Koch, CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve expressed excitement in regards to the possessing the exclusive rights to sell the impressive set of coins in the United States. There will only be two hundred and three sets available in the United States, exclusively presented by the U.S. Reserve.

The 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation triple-coin set should be considered as a collector’s item. Collectors will have the opportunity to receive an official certificate of authenticity when claiming their triple-coin set.

The U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Reserve possesses an incredible reputation in regards to the establishment, handling, and collecting of high-grade coins and bars. Their experience in gold and silver markets goes back to the early 2000’s, with an extremely impressive resume in the industry.

With their company, collectors will have the opportunity to speak with many experts, including a numismatic and several other specialty coin professionals.

Coins and Currency

When a collector purchases a special coin like the 65th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Triple Coin-Set, at the moment of purchase, the paper currency is translated into a legal tender in the form of a coin, usually gold or silver but occasionally platinum. When this transformation takes place, at any moment in the future it is entirely possible that the numismatic value could change. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Facebook

With the release of the 65th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Triple Coin-Set, it is an exciting opportunity for collectors to pursue the chance to own this very special coin-set.

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The Story of Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a makeup company based in Los Angeles, California. The company has been creating unique shades for fans since 2008. Their mission is to help each fan showcase their personality through different shades.


Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. She originally registered the name on eBay in 2004, and the store was designed for her independent clothing line. Her plan was to model the clothing for her potential customers, but she needed makeup in unique shades to match each outfit. However, she could not find the shades she needed online or in stores. This inspired her to create and sell cosmetics instead of clothing, and Lime Crime Cosmetics was born in 2008.


When Lime Crime was first launched, the collection included blush, primers, eye shadows and brushes, and the prices started at an affordable $12. Doe promoted the collection by posting makeup tutorials on her blog, in which she showed her fans how to use the products. She also held contests and giveaways for different accessories on her blog. The online exposure caused her fan base to increase, and Lime Crime was making steady sales by 2009. Lime Crime now has a big following on social media, and this includes over 3 million followers on Instagram.


Doe Deere was very careful to choose the right laboratory for creating her products. She wanted to ensure she was working with a team of experts in their field, but she also needed partners who were working towards the same goals. Doe now works with a laboratory that gives her the freedom to create fun products for her fans.


The collections at Lime Crime are usually based on fantasies and mythical creatures, from unicorns to mermaids. One example is the Alchemy collection, which features a mixture of purple and copper shades to create a magical product line. Lime Crime continues to create products based on different fairy tales, but Doe is not afraid to try new ideas in the future.


Lime Crime works hard to create products in shades that fit every personality. Fans can keep it dark with the Grape Jelly, Blue Smoke and Black Velvet shades, or they can brighten it up with the Flora, Bubblegum Rose and Pink Velvet shades. The themes include the Mermaids Hi-Lite Palette, Feelins Bundle and Aquarium Brushes. The products can be found on the official website and in Urban Outfitters stores. All cosmetics are cruelty free and made with vegan ingredients to support the well-being of animals.


Doe Deere is as passionate about helping others as she is about makeup. The success of Lime Crime allows Doe to support her favorite charities, such as the Sanctuary For Families and the Bideawee Animal Shelter. Doe also encourages her fans to follow their own dreams. Her advice for potential business entrepreneurs is to listen to feedback and learn from criticism.


Doe Deere has worked hard to make her company a success, and the future is looking bright and vibrant for Lime Crime.


Read to learn more.

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The U.S. Money Reserve provides you With Tips for maximizing your IRA Accounts

If you are worried about the IRA contributions, then worry no more because the window period has been extended to the end of tax filing (April 17, 2018).

In simple terms, there is still time to perk up your tax situation as well as cut the bill. All you have to do is analyze the list we have compiled for your guidance. It has essential tax tips that will assist you on how to channel your contributions to the right IRA desk that will, in turn, work on reducing your tax liability alongside increasing your retirement benefits.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Make a Point of Contributing to Multiple Accounts

Since the IRS has no limitations when it comes to the number of accounts you can use to stash up your savings, work on contributing to several retirement accounts that will, in turn, multiply your retirement benefits.

Consider Owning IRA Before the Arrival of the IRS Team

Well, since there are no restrictions on owning an IRA, it would be prudent to work on holding more than one of the accounts to assist you with the reduction of taxes. All too often, a conventional IRA account paves the way to your financial freedom. However, for you to benefit more, consider opening the IRA before the year ends.

A Break Down of Your Contribution

Monitor the calendar and remember to break down the year in which, you would like your tax contribution to be applied. For example, if you would want to have it referred to your 2017 contribution, the custodian must be informed. If not, the contribution will roll over to the 2018 input.

Aim higher

Depending on your age, aim at increasing your IRA contributions to $6,500. If you are below 50 years, you should seek at contributing $5,500 and below. For those who are below 50, consider contributing more than $6,500. Always remember that it is critical to start saving at a tender age and as much as you can.

More on U.S. Money Reserve

Famous for being the most trusted seller and distributor of precious metals, the U.S. Money Reserve has been serving its clients by providing some of the best government issued silver, platinum as well as gold.

The organization was established by market experts who observed the need for combining high-quality service to clients. As such, the organization has been acknowledged for being a leading dealer of precious metals.

Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Twitter

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Meet the Captain of the Aerospace Industry

Louis Chenevert is an icon in the investment world; he has been involved in more than 50 ventures which have turned out to be a success. After acquiring his Production Management degree in HEC Montreal, he secured a job at the General Motors. Here, the change he brought in the company was noticed, and he was given the duty of a production manager and later promoted to the Production General Manager.

In 1993, Louis got a chance to divert and work with an engine manufacturing company; Pratt & Whitney. The firm was then a branch of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Within six years, the unit that he was working in improved significantly and he was promoted to the President of the Company. The UTC saw the difference he was making in the firm and appointed him as the CEO of UTC.

This decision must have been among the best decisions that UTC ever made. Although Louis was hired during the financial crisis when all firms were complaining and doing everything possible to cut down on the costs, Louis managed to improve the sales of the company. The value of the company’s share rose by almost 200% thanks to the intelligence of Chenevert.

Louis says that the best way to achieve success is to see that you chose the right team to work with, in your company. It is vital that you invest in empowering your team because you cannot meet the goals alone. All great plans can only come to life with the support of a solid team.

In hindsight, it is always easy to see so many things that one thinks they could have done differently to achieve better results. For Louis Chenevert, he says if he went back in time, he could see that he does not give room for internal politics of the firm. He says that they are some individuals who are always against the agenda that propels the firm. He says that it is only wise to ignore the energy drainers and move with on with the dedicated individuals. Everyone loves a hero and, therefore, when the project turns out a success, they all speak in your language.

Larkin and Lacey

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It’s easy to assume that out of their entire career, the law official that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would remember most would be Joe Arpaio.

In fact, their publication spent much of its time covering his misdeeds. From cruelty to prisoners, to their wrongful deaths, as far as they were concerned, he was the very epitome of anything that could go wrong with law enforcement. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In fact, it was this very same sheriff that would lead to the arrests of these two journalists. After a member of their publication had published Arpaio’s personal address in an article that referenced his concealing commercial property, the Maricopa County sheriff decided to take them to court.

And when Larkin and Lacey received the subpoena, they published its content in an article that questioned its constitutionality.

The sheriff was furious and sent members of his plain-clothed posse to arrest them–claiming that they had revealed grand jury secrets.

Luckily, their case made national headlines. And people all over the country showed support for the two, stating that what was happening to them was unjust. And eventually, the country attorney was forced to release them. Not only that, but they were awarded a settlement of over 3 million dollars for improper arrest. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Michael Lacey | Twitter

But not everyone that Arpaio has had detained has been so lucky. He has been accused of withholding medication from prisoners to the point of death. He has been accused of forcing prisoners to give birth while chained to their beds. He’s also been accused of brutally beating any prisoner that does not follow his instructions.

Even those outside of the jail have been exposed to his mistreatment. This is especially evident when we look at the case of Melendres v. Arpaio. This class action suit alleged that the Sheriff had his posse round up Latinos so that he could verify the state of their citizenship.

These citizens were awarded 70 million dollars. And in the same case, Arpaio was found in contempt of court and ordered to serve as much as 6 months in jail for not following the judge’s orders.

Arpaio never served his sentence, because he was pardoned by president Donald Trump, someone whom he showed support for during his campaign. Larkin and Lacey believe that his pardon was influenced heavily by politics.

According to them, not only did Arpaio support Trump so that he could be pardoned but also Trump pardoned him so that he could garner votes from Arpaio’s supporters.

Larkin and Lacey no longer own the Pheonix paper that was responsible for exposing Arpaio. However, they have started a new online publication. This publication is called the Front Page Confidential and it is geared towards discussing the first amendment and free speech–specifically things that could get in the way of these two elements.

They also used their multimillion-dollar settlement in order to start their own fund–the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. It is meant to assist with migrant workers. They give grants to organizations all throughout the state of Arizona.

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Enhanced Athlete defeats Nutrition Distribution in Federal Court

The competition for athletic supplements is heating up into an outright war. Nutrition Distribution claims that it is the leader of the athletic supplement industry. As part of holding this title, Nutrition Distribution has made itself the watchdog of the industry. In usurping the power of the FDA, it has filed serial Complaints against any corporation they believe to be unfairly eroding their market share with a product called SARMs. However, the various claims made by Nutrition Distribution boil down to “false advertising.” For which they were unable to establish a “causal nexus” in the case of Nutrition Distribution, LLC v. Enhanced Athlete, Inc. et al. (E.D. Cal., Case N. 2:17-cv2069-JAM-CKD).

The civil law does not impute authority for Nutrition Distribution to prohibit supplements that the governing bodies have not banned. For this reason, it appears more likely than not that the litigation is being done for ulterior motives.

The Federal Courts have protections for corporations and individuals who are injured with malicious lawsuits, under the theory of “abuse of process” and “malicious prosecution.” In order to establish a case to prevent unfair attacks by competitors, it is necessary to demonstrate only that the (1) the proceeding was terminated in the favor of the victim; (2) the litigation was unreasonable; and (3) this was not due to the “good faith” belief of the plaintiff.

Many smaller competitors are unable to afford effective legal counsel to protect themselves from this type of vexatious litigation to first establish the “favorable termination” element. Defending against predatory civil lawsuits and investing further into a case to reclaim damages is outrageously expensive. It may cost millions of dollars for unprepared litigants who lack in-house pre-contracted counsel. This is why Enhanced Athlete has described the tactics of Nutrition Distribution as “shakedown” litigation. The claim is that Nutrition Distribution is seeking to bully competitors out of business under duress of vexatious legal bills. Rather than backing down, Enhanced Athlete has fought back; refusing to settle under duress of prolix litigation bills.

Enhanced Athlete is an advanced supplement research and development non-profit. It’s sister companies are Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. Together, they offer innovative personalized fitness programs, supplements, and a clothing-line for fans of the products. Working out is a part of life for many people. They desire the ability to obtain the latest athletic enhancements and training to achieve the apex of health and performance.

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Why DAMAC Properties Has Remained at the Top for 15 Years

Having a luxurious home is one of the common dreams everyone in the world shares. A home is a place where you feel content with the way everything is structured and the location of the house as well. There are many more attributes that are considered when evaluating the compatibility of a home to a family. As much as many individuals have the capital needed to build their home, without the real estate knowledge, it may not be possible to live this dream.

The occupants of Dubai and the Middle East are much honored to have the most premium real estate investor amidst them. DAMAC Properties is the most prestigious property developer in the state. Many factors have led to the high ranking of DAMAC Properties. First, there is the customer care service that clients enjoy when dealing with the firm. The firm believes that every customer counts despite what their interests in the firm may be. This is why a client looking to buy a home will not be kept waiting for a client buying commercial products to be served.

Secondly, the owner of DAMAC Properties is an executive investor who knows his way around the business. He is known for having an idea to see great ideas and having the mind to put up a strategy to actualize the idea. The DAMAC Owner has a net worth of $3.8 billion according to Forbes. It is no surprise Sajwani has been seen ravishingly gifting his customers with Lamborghinis after buying apartments.

DAMAC Properties has employed a very professional staff all through the hierarchy to see that the firm excels and offers quality services. Hussain Sajwani has even gone to an extra mile of ensuring that the firm hires the most awarded architectures in the state to help with the creativity of magnificent results. This explains why the firm has continued to wow their clients over the years. It is worthwhile to note that DAMAC Properties has provided more than 20000 individuals with homes, and the number is still rising.

When it comes to business networks, Sajwani is highly connected. Hussain Sajwani became a partner with Donald Trump in 2013. Their partnership has resulted in a friendship, and the two families are now very close. Hussain’s family celebrated the New Year’s Eve in Florida, with Trump’s family. The gathering had up to 800 guests, and amazingly, Trump recognized the presence of Hussain and his family in his speech.

Many individuals felt that Trump was conflicted and was trying to keep his business associates close, which they felt might jeopardize how he handles the state’s business. Trump’s spokeswoman, however, cleared the air by confirming that it was a friendly visit, emphasizing he has a right to dinner with his friends.

Hussain Sajwani is also a cheerful giver and has been spotted severally supporting his community. He recently helped in clothing 50000 unfortunate children globally by contributing AED two million. He urged individuals in the gathering to help children grow in favorable conditions because they are the people to propel the world to a better place.

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Larkin and Lacey: Progressive Advances

In today’s society, it’s really comforting to hear about someone achieving success. Everything these days is so dark and demanding. Everyone must rise up and fight something trying to destroy someone’s world. People have enough on their own plates without having to worry about someone else’s problems.

It seems like every time one group succeeds at defeating the hatred against them, another hate attacks someone else. The hatred that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin faced wasn’t even against them. They were just two media executives running their paper the right way. When someone does something wrong, they reported on it.

Unfortunately, their investigative reporting led them to Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Arpaio, despite naming himself the toughest sheriff in America, was a determined racist. He did nothing but abused his power and ignored the law. When Lacey and Larkin started reported on his abuse of power, he focused all of his efforts on destroying them.

After they published a story about him using false subpoenas to do his bidding, he decided to permanently shut them up. He sent some armed deputies to arrest Lacey and Larkin in the middle of the night. Once he had them separated, he tried to break them.

The amount of abuse they faced at the hands of Arpaio was nothing compared to the blow they would have to take. They stood against Arpaio and his deputies and came out victorious. When people found out the lengths that Arpaio had gone to try to shut them up, the nation was outraged. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

They were immediately released and did what all reporters do; told their story. With the entire nation listening, they exposed all of Arpaio’s dirty laundry on a national scale. He lost his job and was charged with criminal contempt and was convicted.

This came after Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County and won millions of dollars in settlement. They used that money to start a fund that supports migrant groups along the Mexican – American border. They hoped that would be the end of the battle of races in Arizona, but it was no to be.

Before Arpaio was sentenced, President Donald Trump pardoned Arpaio, setting him free. It didn’t really shock anyone, but it was upsetting. This was another case of the current President’s stupidity at work. Even worse, the local Arizonan judges agreed with his actions.


Lacey and Larkin Join Hands to Form the Frontera Fund

Most people are familiar with the names Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin; the two Village Media owners who also co-own Phoenix Times. Recently, reports on social media and news headlines highlighted their contribution to the betterment of the Hispanic community when the duo decided to establish a charity fund.

The Back Story

On the evening of October 2007, Michael and Jim Larkin were ambushed by the Maricopa County police officers. Without explaining reasons for their arrest, the police threw them behind cells for twenty-four hours; that was before their fans took to the streets in riots. Luckily, they were released on the grounds of detention without legal reasons. Therefore, the court commanded the county of Maricopa Police to settle the case by awarding them $3.75 million.

Arpaio’s Sins

As the man behind the frustrations of most immigrants in Maricopa, Arpaio was involved in multiple corruption cases that ended up attracting lawsuits from different counties. Consequently, he ended up in the justice department with numerous accusations to answer. In most instances when he was ordered to appear in court, he defied judge’s court order; a subject that led to an impending hearing and later sentencing. In a turn of events, President Donald Trump pardoned him. What were Trump’s reasons? Many have asked. Apparently, in a statement released by White House, Arpaio is a dedicated sheriff whose input to destroy immigrants cannot go unnoticed or better yet, unappreciated.

The Establishment of the Frontera Fund

After the settlement, the duo decided to channel the $3.75 million to the Frontera Fund citing that Hispanics needed the support they would offer with the money. Following their disappointment by President Trump’s decision to pardon Arpaio, the duo has taken a stand to support their people; Hispanics. Now more than ever, they have rallied business associates and well-wishers to donate to their fund with the sole purpose of protecting Hispanics against the likes of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


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