BTS FESTA 2024: BTS celebrated their 11th debut anniversary with the 2024 FESTA, a special event filled with love and support from fans around the world on June 13. As part of the celebration, each member penned heartfelt handwritten letters to ARMYs, expressing their gratitude and sharing personal thoughts. On the other hand, BTS' eldest member Jin who was discharged from the military service just one day ahead of the celebration, hosted a 'hug' event where he gave out hugs to 1000 fans.

Here's a look at each member's letters: 


Jhope's letter stood out, as he playfully referenced the popular Kdrama Lovely Runner and asked a series of questions that touched the hearts of many fans. In his letter, he wrote:

“How have you been all this time? Are you eating well? Are you sleeping well? What are you interested in these days? How has life been without us? Is there anything you want to say to us when you meet us? Honestly, did you cheat or not? Did you run with Sunjae or no?”

The last question, a reference to the Kdrama Lovely Runner, amused fans and reassured them that Jhope was thinking of them fondly.


RM expressed his longing to reunite with fans soon, mentioning his recent album release and his eagerness to see ARMYs again:

"Hello. I’ll keep this simple, I miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you soon. There’s just a year to go until we will meet again. How did you like my RPWP album that was released last month? I hope you are all doing well. A year seems too long and it’ll take a lot of."


Jin who got discharged from the military yesterday shared his plans to entertain fans:

"Hello, this is Jin. I hope everyone is in good health. I'm reaching out to you for the first time in a while. I'd like to be able to say hello more often, but unfortunately, my situation hasn't allowed that. I'm so excited that my discharge from military service is just around the corner haha. I heard that my bandmates have been working hard to entertain you during my absence. How nice of them! Now, it's my turn ARMY! Although it won't be easy to do it alone, I will try my best. I've been planning to entertain you for a year now and I will put all my plans into practice once I return to society. I thank everyone for being with us for such a long time. I love you ARMY. Notes: Keep up the hard work, boys!”


Suga kept his letter simple and warm, sharing his well-being and checking in on ARMYs:

"Hello, ARMYs! I'm Suga! It's been a long time, right? It's been a long time for me to write a handwriting letter, so I feel kind of awkward. Hahaha I'm doing really well... I went to the training center and I'm living a busy life. ARMYs, are you doing well? Haha”

Jimin, V and Jungkook also shared their heartfelt messages, expressing their love and gratitude to ARMYs for their unwavering support over the years.


V aka Kim Taehyung's Letter:

Jungkook's Letter:

Jungkook's emotional letter made ARMYs very emotional as they expressed love for the youngest member of BTS.

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BTS released Take Two on its 10th anniversary last year (FESTA 2023) and delivered an emotional message to ARMYs. The septet's songs and messages have always expressed their love for the ARMYs and now these letters convey their longing and affection as the group reunites in 2025 for group activities.


The 2024 FESTA is a heartwarming celebration of BTS’s 11th anniversary, filled with touching moments and emotional letters that strengthened the bond between the group and their fans.

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