Did you know these characters were inspired by real people?

It is a well-known fact that reality is sometimes more incredible than anything we can dream up. This is why many of the most imaginative works of fiction draw inspiration from real-life events and individuals. Whether it be notorious movie villains or celebrated literary heroes, beloved animated TV shows or lucrative multi-million-dollar franchises, numerous characters have taken cues from unexpected sources. Click through the gallery to uncover the intriguing real-life counterparts to our most cherished figments of imagination.

The most impressive bridges in the world

Noor Riyadh illuminates Saudi capital with immersive artworks

The third Noor Riyadh, the world’s largest light festival, is illuminating the Saudi capital. It features more than 120 installations by 100 local, regional and international artists. Commissioned pieces include everything from light works in gallery spaces to large-scale installations and immersive projections. The theme of this year’s festival, T...

Discover the INCREDIBLE secrets of our most remote oceans

Finds and facts from the most mysterious parts of our watery world.

The hidden dangers of an unclean home

Are you a compulsive cleaner? Maybe not. But there are surely times when you put off tidying up, and that's fine. Problem is when procrastination takes over, so does the dust and... well, other things that you're about to find out about. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped cleaning the house? While the thought of a life without vacuuming and scrubbing may seem tempting, it’s worth thinking about the negative effects of neglecting housework, or not hiring a bit of help. Cleaners can literally be lifesavers—and that's no exaggeration. Doubts? Concerns? Or maybe you just can't wait to show this gallery to your 'easy-going' roommate/spouse/children/friends? Click on for more.

The biggest myths about autism

The lack of understanding about autism can make it difficult for diagnosed people to have their condition recognized and to access the support they need. Misconceptions can lead to some autistic people feeling isolated and alone, and in extreme cases abused or bullied. Many parents of kids with autism might desperately seek answers online. Even if awareness of autism is growing, there's still a lot of confusion around what it is, what causes it, and how it affects people in very different ways. To learn more, let's debunk the biggest myths about autism in the following gallery. Click on for more.

Michelangelo Pistoletto reflects on memories, the mind and his mirrored artworks

All art is political and universal, Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto believes. “The moment you bring your art into the interaction, into the social, it cannot not be political,” he tells The National. Pistoletto’s exhibition Judgement Time, running at Galleria Continua, Burj Al Arab, until February certainly lives up to this. Through his mirr...

Don't embarrass yourself! See how people greet each other in other countries

Letizia of Spain: the inside story of an 'obsessive' queen

Going smart: Dubai's recycling programme treats over 8000kg of waste every week

Under the Smart Sustainability Oasis project, 17 bins across the emirate collect 18 types of materials

KACCH and BACCH hold Heartful Charitable Art Exhibition & Auction

KUWAIT: Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital (KACCH) and Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice (BACCH) held the opening of the Heartful Charitable Art Exhibition & Auction on Saturday at Bayt Abdullah, which is the first and still the only children’s hospice in the Middle East. Scheduled to run for three days, the event showcases and sells diverse pieces by 45 local artists and a special edition of artworks painted by the children...

Celebs who designers refused to dress

When you're famous, having the right outfit to wear on the red carpet or a magazine cover is part of the job. Generally, celebs and their stylists borrow these outfits from designers, which is a win-win arrangement: the celebrity looks great in front of the camera, and the designer of the dress gets important publicity. However, not every celeb gets the same opportunities. Oftentimes, designers refuse to lend someone their clothes because of that person's body size, race, or age. But some stars and their stylists have also been brave enough to call them out. Click on to see who they are, and what those stars have to say about it.

Wanderer the lost soul

Life has long been believed to be a personal journey, from coming into the world to departing. However, the meaning, nature and direction of this journey are hardly inherently provided for. Instead, cognitive evolution and its material manifestations, in the name of cultural dynamics and their underlying rules, dictate the purpose and course of an individual's life. Though these laws evolve over time, they often fail to proportionately respond...

Remembering the incredible charitable work of Princess Diana

Cartoon shoes and clothes: The worst fashion trend of the year?

British royals release Christmas card photographs

Members of the British royal family have released their Christmas card photographs for the year. King Charles III and Queen Camilla chose a formal portrait taken at Buckingham Palace on the king's coronation day in May, which contrasts the relaxed family image shared by Prince William and his wife Kate. The king and queen's chosen image, taken by H...

Impressive Christmas trees from around the world

Famous people with exceptionally long names

A first name and a surname are the norm in some countries, but this is not the case for every culture, or indeed everyone. Sure, sometimes a middle name is thrown in, but some parents really go the extra mile—or the extra names, in this case. Famous people are, of course, no exception. And while many are known for simple versions of their names (or their stage names), many do have really long birth names. Curious? Click on and discover which famous individuals have really long names.

Brown Rice: What Nutritionists Say And How Much To Eat

This article discusses the quantity recommendation of brown rice for healthy adults by two nutrition experts. It provides information on how to combine rice with other foods to lower the glycemic index and the typical serving size of cooked brown rice. It also provides a list of topics related to diet and nutrition that people are curious about. This article is intended to provide readers with nutritional facts, tips from health experts, and...

Clothes and accessories that never go out of style

The dark story behind 'La Dolce Vita' in Rome

The savage Sudanese warrior and civilized British soldier!

As time progresses, the landscape of education evolves. In the past, education heavily relied on teachers at all levels. However, contemporary times highlight the significance of mastering the art of self-learning. It has become evident that individuals adept at self-education possess greater competence than those dependent on traditional teaching methods. Those who excel in self-learning acquire valuable skills and a depth of knowledge that...

Children of celebrities who became famous models

Holiday gift ideas for pet owners and furry friends

As the holiday season kicks off, the pressure to find the perfect gift is on. Whether you're on the hunt for a present for a friend, sibling or significant other, here are our picks of gifts tailored for pet owners, animal lovers and furry friends. Gifts for cat owners For cat lovers, Happy & Polly’s metal enamel pin has two charming felines on a c...

Lost pets: basic precautions you can take

According to American Humane, every year around 10 million pets go missing in the United States. A lost or missing pet can cause heartbreak and misery for its owner. Very likely overcome with worry and a sense of guilt, they'll also have to deal with the void left by the disappearance of their little friend. Indeed, it's just like losing a loved one. But there are things you can do beforehand that will assist in the safe recovery of a wayward pet, and methods you should adopt to lessen the chances of your buddy going AWOL in the first place. Click through and find out the basic precautions you can take to keep your pet safe.

'I scream into a pillow': Princess Eugenie on the struggles of juggling work and family life

Princess Eugenie - who has two sons with husband Jack Brooksbank - “tends to scream into a pillow” when the demands of being a working parent gets too “hard”.

Why some couples can heal after infidelity, but others can't

We would all like to imagine that if we were cheated on, we would simply pack our bags, burn that bridge, and never look back. But it's hardly ever that simple, and that can actually be a good thing. Infidelity is one of the hardest things a couple can experience, and indeed it is a leading cause of breakups. But what is less talked about is how many couples actually work through the trauma, heal the wound, and come out stronger. Of course, every situation has to be evaluated uniquely, but cheating isn't nearly as black and white as we would like to think. And there are some major figures who have stayed with their cheating partner, so there must be some merit to it. But if there's one thing experts agree on when it comes to dealing with infidelity, it's that it is hard work, and some couples can't do or aren't aware of the necessary steps recommended by licensed professionals in order to properly restore a healthy relationship. Intrigued? Click through to see the keys to recovering after cheating or being cheated on.

Hilarious photos of online products vs. reality

Can you believe the count? Famous figures and their unbelievable number of partners!

Fame has been known to charm the pants off people—quite literally. Perhaps it’s no surprise that famous figures have higher-than-average numbers of intimate encounters, but even from the lucky bunch of society’s elite, there are a select few who have numbers of sexual partners that are hard to fathom. You can’t help but wonder how they managed to get anything else done when you hear how busy they were between the sheets. Curious? Click through to see all the famous figures who have had, or at least claim to have had, the most bed partners.

The story behind America’s common sayings

Due to the constant evolution of the English language, some of our own expressions might sound weird when we stop to analyze them. Some idioms and sayings just don’t make any sense at face value, but we’ve been saying them for so long that we rarely stop to think about them. However, a lot of our great phrases and idioms have interesting backgrounds and origins. Check some of them out here!

People who look like their dogs

Have you ever noticed how some dogs share similar traits with their owners? We're talking about facial expressions, hair, color, and even the clothes both might share. Sometimes they look like the perfect match and in many cases, they truly are! In this gallery we celebrate the bond between humans who look a lot like their dogs, and vice-versa. Click through the following gallery and bark out loud.

Massari ties the knot in a magical wedding in LA

ALBAWABA - In a magical ceremony, Lebanese-Canadian musician Massari and longtime partner Sahar Golestani have tied the knot in Los Angeles, California with the attendance of family and friends.To celebrate the couple, several celebrities including former Miss USA Rima Fakih, Jordanian musician Issam Alnajjar along Palestinian-Chilean Musician Elyanna, who counts the groom as one of her closest friends. Elyanna gifted the couple a special...

Common double standards in relationships (and how to deal with them)

It is true that life is not fair, and unfortunately that also includes relationships. This, however, doesn't mean relationships should be unfair when it comes to the things you can say and do, but your partner can’t or is not expected to (or vice versa). If indeed this happens, then there might be a problem with double standards in your relationship. In this gallery, we list some of the most common double standards in relationships and how to deal with them. Click on and start improving your relationship today.

Zara, H&M, and other fast fashion stores where Queen Máxima can be spotted

Zain Smart Home welcomes visitors at Mirzam Expo

Kuwait: Continuing to support national initiatives that foster creativity and innovation in the community, Zain has announced its platinum sponsorship of the new season of Mirzam Expo, Kuwait’s top interior design and home decoration event. The company’s support to this project comes for the fourth year running, and this year’s event is anticipated to be the biggest in the expo’s history. Over 300 booths are set to be featured, covering over 30...

Unusual and hilarious responses to 'how are you' that are way better than 'fine'

The simple question "How are you?" may seem innocent enough, but its meaning has been diluted over time due to its widespread use. This has led to it becoming a thoughtless greeting, often receiving an equally thoughtless reply of "I'm fine, and you?". There are a variety of reasons why this response is given - sometimes it's because the person feels that the questioner isn't genuinely interested in their well-being, and other times it's simply because they don't feel like divulging their true emotions to just anyone. However, if you're not inclined to be forthcoming with the truth, you can still inject some humor and surprise into these mundane exchanges. By giving a response that catches people off guard, you have the opportunity to create a memorable interaction that will leave them chuckling for days. Take a look at some of these witty, silly, and clever responses to add some flavor to your dreaded small talk!

Expo Live University Innovation Programme awards 17 innovative ideas from UAE-based students

DUBAI, 10th December, 2023 (WAM) -- The Expo Live University Innovation Programme (UIP) announced the selection of 17 innovative ideas submitted by student teams from UAE-based universities to an expert evaluation committee at a live-pitching event, held on Sunday at Expo City Dubai’s Terra Auditorium on the sidelines of the 28th United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP28).The 17 selected projects will each receive a grant of AED25,000 to...

The best looks of Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Caroline's daughter

Female celebrities who look shockingly like famous men

To become a celebrity, it’s implied that you have some sort of trademark look for which people will notice you. There are so many stars who look absolutely unique, but there are just too many people in the world for there not to be some very close doubles. Doppelgängers can come in all forms, even as animals, but what’s more interesting is when female and male celebrities look alike. It’s not something you’d be quick to notice because they cloak their resemblance in performances of gender, but the resemblance between sexes actually makes a lot of sense. According to our genetics, all humans are 99% identical, so there are millions of men and women who look alike. When it comes to Hollywood, it makes even more sense that there would be repeat looks as audiences have already taken a liking to the faces of the stars. After all, you wouldn’t change your bet from a winning horse. Check out this gallery to see some of the most striking examples of famous men and women who bear an uncanny resemblance.

Beautiful airplane designs that light up the skies

From sleek designs that reflect company philosophies to bold colours and intricate patterns inspired by national culture, we’ve rounded up the most beautiful planes that brighten up our skies.

The most beautiful actresses of all time

Why you should spay/neuter your pet

Spaying or neutering a pet, a beloved dog or cat for example, can cause anxiety for some pet owners. The spay/neuter procedure, however, is a simple one, albeit not without some risk. But the medical and behavioral benefits of getting your furry friend sterilized far outweigh any negative aspects. But what exactly does spaying/neutering entail, and how is it carried out? Click through and find out why and when you should spay/neuter your pet.

Signs you're forcing a relationship

Relationships are complex, and many of us endure them when, deep down, we know things are not quite right. We may be stuck and indeed forcing a relationship for a number of reasons. From ignoring red flags, to incompatibility issues, we trick ourselves into staying in a relationship that we know has come to an end. Do you feel this may be your case? Then click through the following gallery and see if you can identify these signs in your relationship.

Link between owning cats and Schizophrenia

ALBAWABA - Recent research conducted by Australian scientists suggests that owning a cat as a pet may double a person's risk of developing schizophrenia-related disorders. The study analyzed 17 previous studies from the last four decades, conducted in 11 countries including the US and UK. The results showed an association between cat ownership and an increased likelihood of developing schizophrenia-related disorders.The link between cat...

How 2024's year in astrology will impact your star sign

As the astrological wheel turns and we approach 2024, there's a sense of excitement in the air. The upcoming new year coincides with planets that have been in retrograde finally moving direct, while others move into new zodiac signs completely. That means 2024 will have a distinct feel that's miles away from what we've experienced in 2023. A cosmic pick-me-up is on the way, in the form of fresh energy. Curious? Click on to discover what 2024 has in store for your star sign!

Mother of the Nation returns with Upside Down Museum and international food pop-ups

“Habibi, come to Abu Dhabi” reads one of the light box signs at this year's Mother of the Nation Festival taking place on the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The event kicked off on Friday. It's a playful riff on the viral catchphrase that invites people to Dubai, but retrofitted to encapsulate the festival's allure in the capital. Last year, organisers said t...

The Bhullar Diary: ‘I made it to LIV Sunday – now the real work starts.’

‘Wish me luck, this will be life-changing for all the three qualifiers – whoever they are’

Exploring Your Destiny: Daily Horoscope - December 11, 2023

ALBAWABA - Curious about what your horoscope predictions will be for December 11, 2023? What's in store for you in your horoscope, astronomer? Let's find out. ShutterstockExploring Your Destiny: Daily Horoscope - December 11, 2023Aries (March 21 - April 19)ShutterstockAries, you might find yourself wanting to pursue new projects or take on challenges that have been on the back burner. Embrace this fiery energy, but remember to pace yourself to...

How to survive mom guilt

Mom guilt refers to specific feelings of guilt experienced by almost all new mothers in relation to their role as a mother and their ability to meet their children's needs. This often overwhelming sense of failure and self-doubt can have worrying consequences for parents and offspring alike, and makes the already demanding job of being a mom that much harder. But what exactly is mom guilt, why does it occur, and how can it be overcome? Click through and find out if you're guilty.

Face blindness or the inability to recognize peoples’ faces