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Charter Schools Like rocketship Education Bridge The Educational Gap In Low-Income Communities

Finding supreme educational institutions should be a right and not a task. There are many city areas where the public school system is not only failing but also drab and simply miserable. Children should enjoy where they acquire their education and the staff should be more interested in each student’s individual success rather than state numbers and ratings. Charter schools have begun to fill this void in many cities that are suffering from overcrowded and under resourced public schools.

Charter schools are private institutions that often service areas where the public school system needs an alternate educational establishment. Parents can put their children on a waiting list for charter school education. The programs are fit around each child’s needs and tailored to better their learning experience. Parents are encouraged to participate in charter school programs and children benefit from this merger of parent and teacher involvement.

Rocketship Charter Schools were founded in 2006. In 2007 the first Rocketship charter school opened its doors in San Jose California. Since their establishment Rocketship has grown by leaps and bounds. No longer is Rocketship only available to California based residents but they have spread to Washington DC, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Nashville Tennessee. The Rocketship Charter School Corporate Headquarters is located in Redwood City California.

Rocketship focuses on educating children in low income communities. The classroom sizes are smaller and embrace a more tutor like feel than a traditional classroom experience. Embracing low income communities is helping to close the educational gap in the educational system. Children often grow academically by more than eighty five percent during their time with Rocketship Charter Schools. In 2017 Rocketship Education proudly launched QueenHype. This new program teaches empowerment and communication skills to girls. They also partnered with WOLF (Wob of Life Field) to provide science based field trips to their students. Rocketship continues to build relationships with groups and charities that can help provide educational experiences to their students.