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Roseann Bennett Helps Promote Mental Health Awareness Month

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Mental health is one of the most misunderstood health issues facing millions of people today. Now, one New Jersey therapist is using Mental Health Awareness Month to help people facing serious health issues. That therapist, Roseann Bennett, has become one of the leading voices of mental health awareness.


Roseann Bennett is the Executive Director for the Center of Assessment and Treatment. Based in New Jersey, Miss Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has helped thousands of people deal with various social and family issues. Overall, Miss Bennett believes that one of the best ways to treat mental health is to help demystify many of the perceptions of this sensitive health issue.


During Mental Health Awareness Month, Miss Bennett has written a number of articles dealing with mental health. The articles can be found on the Center of Assessment and Treament’s website. One of the subjects covered in Miss Bennett’s articles involves the challenges of helping low-income people with their mental health issues.


As a longtime advocate of low-income mental health treatment, Miss Bennett’s treatment center provides treatment for people who cannot regularly afford a marriage and family therapist. Moreover, for over a decade, Dr. Roseann Bennett has used a number of approaches to help those dealing with social crisis issues such as divorce and family trauma.


One of the approaches now being implemented by Miss Bennett involves the use of therapy dogs for a number of her patients. Known as canine assisted therapy, this unique therapeutic treatment will help patients such as children deal with intense family issues.


From raising awareness of mental health issues to helping low-income patients and canine assisted therapy, Roseann Bennett is using various approaches to help patients in the New Jersey area. As she enters her next decade as a Marriage and Family Counselor, Roseann Bennett will seek to find new ways to help people find comfort in their lives. Find Related Information Here.


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