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Sussex Healthcare: The Many Homes of the Residence

Sussex Healthcare provides a caring living assistant home for the elderly, people with multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and patients with other neurological disorders. They also have a home for patients with learning disabilities and Autism. Master chefs cook delicious and nutritious meals for all the residents. Also, they are located at each facility. If anyone has a special diet, these chefs are trained to cook the food that is specific to that patient. Each resident is assigned a home to live in based on their specific need.

The Granary, Sycamore Lodge, Woodhurst Lodge, the Laurels are just a few of the homes that house the patients at Sussex Healthcare. You can rest knowing the care your loved one is receiving is absolutely wonderful. These homes are designed with them in mind. Having privacy is important that is why in each of the homes, the residents have their own rooms. Some of the homes have hot tubs, others have salt caves and game rooms. Patients feel right at home here in their assigned atmospheres.

Being that there are so many patients, Sussex Healthcare is hiring workers to assist them in these lovely homes. Positions for domestic care assistants, care assistants, driver, and payroll supervisor are just a few of the jobs that are available for people to apply for. Do not worry about the experience because Sussex Healthcare will train you on how they want you to treat the patients. Shafik Sachedina and Shariz Boghani created the training academy with the purpose of training everyone on how to handle the patients correctly as well as giving them the in-depth care they will need. Other perks for working at the company include bonuses for holidays and weekends, a discount for bringing an ailing loved one to the company for care, meal subsidies, and free uniforms.

Having your loved one care for at Sussex Healthcare is the right thing to do. They will get the best treatment possible and will be well taken care of. You have nothing to lose and your loved one will thank you for choosing this wonderful company.

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