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Susan McGalla Continues Pressing For More Woman Being Promoted To Management Roles

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman who lives and works in the greater Pittsburg area. She works for the Pittsburg Steelers where she is the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development. As a successful businesswoman, her opinion has been sought out on a number of business matters including how a woman can successfully climb the corporate ladder like she has.

She has said that statistics and studies show that companies that advance women into leadership positions have higher revenues and profits than companies that mainly just promote men. Susan McGalla says that despite the evidence most companies are still heavily dominated by men in powerful positions. There are not near enough opportunities for career-focused women to advance their careers in the business world and this includes companies in every industry and of every size.

Susan McGalla has been trying to change this state of affairs by getting one initiative through at a time. She says that change won’t happen overnight as it is a long and slow process to get companies to change their ways. She often addresses the topic of women in management roles both in public speeches and through the media. She explains the advantages that businesses will incur if they promote women into management roles including at the executive level.

Everything that Susan McGalla has accomplished in her career has been due to grit and determination. She has earned every promotion she has gotten as she hasn’t had any lucky breaks along the way to her present executive-level position, and in the NFL nonetheless. She has been able to take full advantage of the opportunities her business skills has created. She says that growing up in a household where she was the only daughter meant interacting with men from an early age and being able to hold her own against them.

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