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Paul Herdsman, Outsourcing To Success


If you take a son, a dad, a husband, a golfer, a situation solver, and a successful entrepreneur and roll them all up into one, then you’ll have the man known as Paul Herdsman. Now there are many people that has these roles in life, but what makes Herdsman different than the others is the support that he gets from the people that he works with and he knows that it’s important to retain a good staff, have a morale that will keep the team together, and he treats his employees right.

Paul Herdsman is one of the co-founders of NICE Global, and he is the Chief Operating Officer of this company, which is located in Jamaica. NICE Global was inserted as a company in 2014. It serves as a solution to aid businesses with their departments that want to outsource their resources and keep them in control.

On, George Baker wrote an article about Paul Herdsman. Interview asked Herdsman a series of questions about his background and his company, NICE Global. Herdsman talked about seeking tasks that prepared him for the business of customer service. When Herdsman completed those tasks, he learned the operations and aspects that were crucial to running a business. Then he used what he picked up and that enabled him to form NICE Global. Click Here to learn more about Paul Herdsman.

Herdsman was asked where he got the idea for NICE Global. In 2013, he was already doing outsourcing for a few companies, and being in Jamaica made it very possible to do this. Herdsman was able to train and watch everything and everyone. And that led to NICE Global being created. Paul Herdsman also discussed training new employees with a lot of close watch and good teachings. And he says that NICE Global is planning on expanding.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


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