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Following Matt Badiali for investment advice

Matt Badiali is an investor and financial advisor on matters related to natural resources. As a geologist, he has experience in handling activities taking place in the mining sector, and therefore he is in a good position to help investors make informed decisions as far as investment is concerned. Before buying or selling any natural resource in the commodities market, you should consult the opinion of Matt Badiali who has in many cases helped the average investors to make the right choices through his precise predictions. Since 2004, Badiali has been using his experience and knowledge in mining to help the average investors in the United States to generate profits by making correct investments. His work is to scrutinize the market for prime opportunities that can benefit the average investor.

Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is an investment idea introduced by Matt Badiali. After studying the law and scrutinizing the opportunities in the natural resources sector, he was convinced that there was an opportunity that could benefit every investor. At this time, he came up with the idea of Freedom Checks, which involves investing in companies known as master limited partnerships. These are businesses that are exempted from tax obligations by the government as long as they meet certain conditions. They are required to generate 90 percent of the revenue from operations within the United States, and secondly, they are required to pay most of their profit to the investors. What this means is that investors with such companies are likely to enjoy huge dividends and higher return on their investment.

The Real Wealth Strategist

The Real Wealth Strategist is a newsletter published by Matt Badiali under the Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Currently, Matt Badiali is a senior investment editor with this company. He is assigned the role of publishing investment materials related to the natural resources sector. The Real Wealth Strategist is a newsletter that has helped many average investors to learn of opportunities that are available. Matt Badiali hopes that by start by publishing information about the investment opportunities available in the natural resources sector, he will be helping the greater percentage of Americans who are struggling with financial status. By making perfect investments, the average investors can afford to gain financial freedom and meet their most basic needs. Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing

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The Illustrious Career Of Deidre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is a promising entrepreneur in the field of healthcare. Her specialty is nursing and making healthcare more affordable. At present, she lives in Denver, Colorado. She has extensive ground-breaking job experience as a business strategist and payment expert.Baggot’s education includes: a Doctorate in Doctor of Philosophy at University of Colorado; an MBA at Chicaogo’s Loyola University Graduate School; and a Bachelor’s in nursing at Southern Illinois University. Read more about Deirdre at

Deirdre’s impressive dossier begins in 1997 while employed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. For the six years she worked there, she was a nurse and a resource coordination specialist. Then she accepted a job at the University of Michigan Health System,, where her role began as a administrative manager and business analyst for the next three years. In 2006, she became senior administrator and is well-known for opening eleven more health facilities. Then Deirdre Baggot began working for G.E. Healthcare in LA, California as vice president; while there, Deirdre founded a payments consultation firm which brought in 66 million dollars of yearly income.

The entrepreneur went on to become well-known for her pioneering work on bundled payments, reducing costs for patients and hospitals alike. Then she was a guest speaker on the National Public Radio, where she was featured on Morning Edition, Planet Money, and All Things Considered.Deirdre served as a keynote speaker at nation-wide summits such as HFMA and the BP Summit, among many others.. She also gained much visibility as author of more than twenty papers on the topic of healthcare change and because of her extensive , pioneering work on bundled payments. She received an award for Outstanding Leadership in Safety and Lean/Six Sigma Certification. Perhaps Deirdre Baggot’s most amazing acheivements were that she was a founder and advocate of bundled payments. This was because she helped so many people facing major health crises and astronomical medical bills. Her career looms ever more promising as she continues to help Americans deal with and pay for their rising medical costs and health needs.



“Steve Ritchie Papa Johns”

John Schnatter, the originator of Papa John’s, has been an extraordinary shift for his brand. After accusing the decline sales on NFL’s failure to determine their national hymn protest, the NFL dropped Papa John’s as their official pizza.

Thus, now what the reeling brand required was a savvy move. President Steve Ritchie, one of the top ranks, gave one of those smart moves. To begin with, he wrote a letter to keep in touch with the customers which proved to be an all-around made methodology. He claimed that discrimination and use of dead language would not be practiced in the company anymore.

Steve Ritchie presented a few actions that he claimed to the company will be acting upon to resolve crises. He exhibited that the company plans to bring external professionals to help in cultural diversity to have a better idea of the company’s goals. Moreover, he told that there would be a proper communication channel between the senior management and employees of the company. Steve Ritchie laid extraordinary importance to feedback and claimed that the company would be accountable to everyone’s needs.

Steve Ritchie made extraordinary efforts for the company and planned to lead all the efforts personally as for him nothing was more important than saving the brand at that moment. He explained the customers as well as the employees that gaining the loyal customer base by winning their trust again can only keep the company which was time-consuming but the only way to regain its competitive position.

He thanked his customers and showed that their brand was due to their customers. He explained in his letter the Papa John’s is a big company and it is their loyal customer base which had helped them to gain such success. His way of appreciating the customers helped the brand gain back strength.

Steve Ritchie wrote his letter directly conveying the message and apology to the customers to have their attention. Although his first efforts of communicating to the customers directly through the letter failed, the amendments made were the real efforts for healing the loss.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA – A Brief History

Currently present in all regions of Brazil as one of the biggest distributors of Ford, Hyundai, and Subaru vehicles in the area, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA has prospered for over 40 years and achieved many milestones along the way including the selling of over one million vehicles in Brazil. Formerly a doctor the story of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is nothing short of inspirational and full of entrepreneurial spirit and a story that all young and aspiring entrepreneurs should look up to.

The story begins when a Ford dealership in the state of Paraiba, went broke shortly after selling a Ford Landau to one Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, which was never really delivered to him. Dr.Carlos offered dealership to compensate him for the pre payment made for the vehicle by passing the ownership of the bankrupt dealership to him. This was the birth of CAOA. Under the exceptional vision of Dr. Carlos, within six years CAOA became the biggest Ford dealership in all of Brazil. Ford however, was only the beginning as in the year 1992 CAOA imported vehicles by the French company Renault. While this partnership was later ended but while it lasted, CAOA made Renault number one in sales of imported cars and brought them to the 5th position in automotive markets and general. The range of brands from which the vehicles were imported only went on increasing with a Subaru partnership in 1998 and Hyundai in 1999.

Dr. Carlos expanded his vision even further in 2007 and that was when the first Hyundai assembly plant in Brazil was established by the name CAOA Automobile Assembly S/A. On Wikipedia, it was mentioned that awards began pouring in for the company in the year 2010 after it began adopting environment friendly policies. 2015 brought about further expansion when CAOA assembly plant also established a research and energy efficiency center to further their endeavor in the automotive industry. Despite all of its achievements its potentially biggest venture began in 2017, when CAOA partnered with China’s Cherry to produce a completely Brazilian car manufacturer. The 40 years for which the company has been running, it has seen continuing growth and prosperity.

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Real Estate Investment Require Skills And Experience: Christopher Linkas

I have noted a conventional method that investors are doing while investing in real estate. They purchase and start operating one or even more of the single-family rentals. I can say it is a logical approach they are using because it is the process they understand after they purchased their own home too. Besides, if they own a second home, it is also attractive because as a buyer they have already witnessed equity of their homes as they grow with time.


It is unfortunate for those investors that seek the balanced and diversified approach to the real estate investment, and it will be better if they rethink the strategy and then opt to build a passive commercial one.


When you own a single family rental as an investor, there are challenges that you face. When you own and operate one, it is riskier and tough work, but most have not realized that. There are numerous challenges similar to an investment vehicle. One of the problems that investors face is lack of a sustainable flow of cash. It is unless you purchase with debt, the rentals provide little or no sustainable cash flow especially in most markets. Also, the other challenge that they face is an excess risk. When leveraged, as an investor, you will be required to assume the equity loss of more than 100 percent risk after taking recourse debt. It is a substantial element that is risky and often overlooked by the investors.


Most people can act as financial advisors in these days, but it is only a few of them that can back with many years of success and experience. He is the man, Christopher Linkas, a financial advisor who has been in the finance field for more than 25 years. Besides, Christopher Linkas is knowledgeable and full of skills where he has been able to work at top companies, and through his success, Christopher Linkas has become a hot commodity at any time he discusses investment. The question is how Christopher Linkas was able to get into the top position. Everything all started with his early passion after completing college, and it has led him to the current job working for a UK-based Investment Organization.

David McDonald Has Built An Undeniable Legacy For Himself:

Originally from the Midwestern state of Iowa, OSI Group’s well-known company president David McDonald is still enjoying his work today as much as he ever has. This is an impressive feat considering the fact that David McDonald has been at the operation since 1987. During that thirty-plus year time period, OSI Group has really had an impressive run of expansion and has seen itself rise to the standing of being a world leader in food processing and distribution. With operations in North and South American, Asia, Europe and Australia among other places, OSI Group is doing better than ever and David McDonald has had a major influence on the company. His commitment to company growth is undeniable. OSI Group’s Spain Plant Doubles Chicken Output with Recent Expansion.

David McDonald didn’t simply appear out of nowhere on the OSI scene of 1987. The truth is that he had just wrapped up a successful college career with Iowa State University. He had proudly garnered his degree in animal science when he found himself with the opportunity to join the OSI Group team and assist with some important international expansion efforts, particularly expansion efforts taking place in Asia. Company expansion has remained a topic that is close to the heart of David McDonald ever since.

Among the most impressive recent acquisitions that OSI Group has made under the critical leadership of David is that of Baho Food based out of the Netherlands. This is a unique and successful firm that has made a perfect compliment to the processing strengths experienced by OSI Group. David has mentioned the fact that gaining control of Baho Food was a critical move for the company in Europe.

David’s story with OSI really is a great read because he started out at ground level and worked his way up to the top of the company’s corporate ladder. It really is an inspiring thing to hear about. He was able to achieve this because he is really passionate about entrepreneurship. David has also always been passionate about the company vision at OSI Group that promotes family values attitude coupled with a dedication to providing the premier customer service in the business. David also thinks that they fact OSI remains a private company allows the firm to continue to be very creative in the kinds of custom food solutions that it offers to its countless customers across seventeen of the world’s countries. A big part of the credit for the company being where it is today is due to the work David has done.

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OSI Food Group, Feeds Thousands Nationwide

Trust OSI Food Industries To Feed Your Family

There are millions of families being fed an OSI diet because their goal is to eat smart. They’ve been able to distribute a nutritious meal to thousands of food services groups around the world. You can trust their website for complete details on their food contents. They were one of the few larger food service groups willing to answer to tough food service industry regulations. Based in southern Illinois, they have over a century of experience in the industry. You’re invited to learn more about their nutritional diet on the OSI website.

OSI International Business News

You can learn more about the successful EU food deal by reading more details from the OSI Food Solutions, website. They were able to acquire the Flagship Europe food facility. They will process their food condiments and frozen poultry. The deal has allowed them to double their food production. They’ve been able to make a success of the deal for $7 million dollars. Their team of executives have been able to gain an acquisition with the popular Dutch, Baho Food Group. They will process their organic vegetables to their consumers.

OSI Food Solutions Charity News

There are several charities that OSI Food Solutions is interested in staying active with around the world. They’ve been able to lend their resources to the Salvation Army and the United Way. They wanted to do more than just feed the communities by creating sustainability around the world. Their job initiative has been able to create over 6,000 jobs. Many at risk adults have been able to sustain their family as a part of their program. Visit the OSI Foods website for more details on their food products, team executives, and international deals.Now, is also a great time to become a part of their diverse work group. They also pride themselves in being an equal opportinity employer. Find a unique job opportunity from many locations around the world. Their job listings are clearly listed on the official OSI Food Solutions website. Feed your family smart with OSI.

Sussex Healthcare Offers Career Opportunities for All

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Whether people are in health-based positions or other positions, Sussex Healthcare has a job for them. The company works to provide positive changes for employees to succeed. They know they will not be successful without successful employees and that’s why they recruit people from around the world to work with the company. It makes sense for everyone who is in the industry and everyone who does different things in the industry. When Sussex Healthcare started offering jobs to people, they made sure others realized they were doing it to help people.

They want their employees to be the best and will do what they can to recruit those who are very talented. For the company to do this, they have to make sure they go above and beyond when they’re giving others the chances they need for success. It’s their goal to give employees a place where they can feel very comfortable with all the things they’re doing. Sussex Healthcare knows how to help people. In fact, they’re in the business of helping people. As a long-term care facility and a home in the UK, the company knows what it means to help people for a long time. While they put this practice on their residents, they also do it with the employees they have. They hire employees to work there and have careers.

They expect all their employees to work for the company for a long time instead of just working there for a short period. The company always knew how to help people and felt good about giving them these things. Now that they are hiring nurses, support staff and even office professionals, they believe they can make things easier for the company. It’s a good idea for them to continue showing people what they need to do. For as long as they’ve been in business, Sussex Healthcare knows they have the chance to do more for the people they work with. It’s their goal to give people the positive experiences and the options that will make their lives easier. The company always does what they can to give these chances to others. Learn More.

Stream Energy

If there is one firm in the Dallas, Texas area that has been extremely generous when it comes to assisting people with natural calamities or social issues, it is Stream Energy. The company has been a perfect example of how workplaces in the Dallas area has something more than just job creation to the community. One of the generous efforts of Stream Energy was during the Texas tornado back in 2016. It was one of the most devastating times in the history of the great state of Texas and the worst part is that it occurred a day after Christmas when people were busy creating fun memories with their friends and family.

The associates at Stream Energy worked tirelessly with the salvation army and were instrumental in raising thousands of dollars in order to provide financial assistance to the victims. And Stream Energy matched the donations brought in by their associates which resulted in increasing the amount to two-fold. Besides this, Stream Energy has also been very generous towards the veterans in the Dallas area and provide them with both moral and financial support. The organization was quite impressive in their efforts to help the less fortunate veteran families by providing them with transportation costs so that they could enjoy an unforgettable lunch with their loved ones at an upscale restaurant in Texas. The next day, the organization also gave assistance of ten daughters of military personnel.

These are some of the many amazing approaches that the company has been involved in for a long time now which has helped them to garner an unmatchable reputation and loyalty among its members and business partners. It is true for a fact that whenever corporate America makes public donations, it is always in some form of the limelight and Stream Energy as an organization has done a great job to maintain that in a positive way. They have proven how companies could still be profitable by spending tremendous amounts of money into generous causes. It certainly reflects the company’s culture from the top hierarchy all the way up to the new entrants who just started their career.

The Exceptional Career Journey Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Banco Bradesco recently announced Octavio de Lazari as the new president to replace the outgoing Luiz Carlos Trabucco Cappi. Mr. Trabuco will however still serve as the President of the bank’s council and will retain his position in the executive committee until a later date when the general meeting will be held. Lazari Junior was one of the candidates speculated to succeed Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked in the company for more than 15 years. The succession process in one of the largest private banks in the country was initiated when Lazaro de Mello resigned from being the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Trabuco became the collegiate president. The appointment of the new president followed a formal process of succession and it was fully approved by the Succession and Appointment Committee of the organization. The management council of the bank then announced that the successor would be selected among the staff working in the financial institution.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco went to the University of Sao Paulo and graduated from the institution’s faculty of philosophy. He also holds a postgraduate diploma in Social Psychology from the School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo. After his graduation, Luiz joined Bradesco in 1984. He was made the Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2009 because of his knowledge and an experience of more than 40 years in banking. He was later on made the Chairman and the President of the company’s Board of Directors. He became the fourth president of the bank since its establishment in 1991 by Amador Aguiar. In the same year, Luiz joined the list of the Top 100 influential people in Brazil. He was also listed as one of the best Brazilian CEOs in 2016.

During his tenure as the president of Banco Bradesco, the bank doubled its size, expanded its operations, and maintained its leadership in the banking industry. Mr. Trabuco also led the company into hosting and sponsoring the Lagoa Christmas Tree in Rio de Janeiro for two decades. Luiz Carlos Trabuco initiated the acquisition of HSBC in Brazil. This acquisition was the largest in the history of the bank. Consequently, this acquisition saw him being named the Entrepreneur of the Year by the Isto E Dinheiro Magazine in 2015. Luiz Carlos has received several awards in his career including Insurance Person of the Year in 2007, Don Quixote Trophy in 2009, and Business Sector Leader in 2006.


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