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I Want To Ask My Boss At Neurocore For A Raise. How Do I Do That Without Sounding Too Desperate and Needy?

You feel it is time for a raise. You have been with Neurocore for a while now. You feel your work speaks for itself. You have found the courage to go in and ask him for a raise. I have a few suggestions before you start talking. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

1) Did you just complete a large project at Neurocore and get credit for it? That is the perfect time to start asking. You need to catch your boss’s attention while the momentum is high.

2) You still need to prove why you deserve the raise at Neurocore, in spite of your big accomplishment. You need to have a prepared statement. Your boss at Neurocore wants to see you are prepared for that too. You cannot “wing it” when asking for a raise. You could fumble your words. That is not going to work in your favor. You need to be confident.

3) Does your department in Neurocore have a relaxed dress code? You still need to look the part when asking for a raise. I am not saying you need to come dressed in a suit and tie, but you should look presentable to your boss at Neurocore. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.


4) You better have another option just in case the raise does not work out. Your boss at Neurocore might not feel a raise is a good idea right now. He might not be able to afford the raise right now, but he will get back to you. Write down a list of backup choices to discuss with him.

5) You do not ask while the office in high-stress mode. You need your boss’s full attention. His attention is going to be distracted. He may even be short with you. Wait until the office is more relaxed. You should also ask him in person. You do not send an email asking for a raise. He will just delete it and move on.


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