Jim Dondero – True Experience

Jim Dondero, full name James David Dondero, serves as the CEO and the chairman of the board for the Highland Acquisition Corporation. He has been in this position for over 2 years. Additionally, entrepreneur Jim Dondero serves as the chairman and CEO of HCM Acquisition Company. He works with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. as their contractor for secure documents, systems, and services. At Highland, Jim is in charge of its strategy and operational initiatives. He succeeds due to his innovative thinking and strong experience in the field. Dondero has thrived in a number of positions in the financial industry, some of which will be touched on below.

Jim Dondero is 55 years of age. His business success start in the 1980s and just don’t stop! He worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst and as a Portfolio Manager for American Express from 1985 to 1989. However, he got his working career start at the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company in 1984 as a financial analyst. Ever since then he’s served in a variety of roles succeeding in positions from analyst to director. He’s served as a director at companies like NexBank Capital, Inc., the Cornerstone Healthcare Group, and Highland Financial Partners.

Furthermore, he has expertise within both credit and equity markets. He also remains a well-focused philanthropist that donates both time and capital to a number of causes such as education and public policy. His rich experience relating to portfolio management includes mortgage-backed securities, high-yield bonds, derivatives, as well as preferred and common stocks. Jim Dondero’s knowledge of portfolio management is endless.