Consignment The Real Real Way

In recent years consignment shopping has become more popular. Gone are the days when second hand clothing are thrown to the side or frowned upon. Clothing brands are so unique and can be a great article to reuse, re-gift or resale. One up and coming luxury consignment option is The Real Real. They only sell authenticated items. The beauty of this shop is that you can find just about anything to add to your wardrobe. The variety consist of not just clothing but jewelry, shoes, purses and more. For sure they are extending the life cycle of luxury items by offering such awesome items that is truly a deal to by second hand. Designer brands can be expensive, but going consignment allows you to get the quality and name at an affordable price. Their app and their instagram page displays a variety of items.

The luxury hand bags listed in their photos on their Instagram page shows they accept the highest quality authentic items. So to sign up to be a seller to The Real Real your items would have to be items that meet their standards of not just brand but upkeep and condition. To sale or buy you can sign up as a member which affords you perks. Your able to be a part of the First Look program which allows you to see items a whole 24 hours before everyone else. This is absolutely a benefit because with their unique items and brands you don’t want to miss out on an item. With over 90 luxury brands their experts are always picking the best of the best items to show and sale. And if you are more into selling items opposed to buying then this is a perfect way to generate some extra income. By far this is one of the best luxury online consignment shops around.

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