The Measure That OSI Food Solution Is Taking To Double Their Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions is based in America, but they have clients all over the globe. They will offer their customers with food solutions that are customized t0 meet the needs of any regional or national market. Recently, so that to be able to increase their chicken production in parts like Toledo, Spain they had to add another production line. The production line increased the production to 24,000 from the initial one that was 12,000 ton. Now the Toledo branch will be able to produce chicken, beef products and pork of 45.000 tons.

The plant has been there in Toledo since 1990 and the managing director Jose Maria del Rio has been offering his best to the plant. The increasing desire for chicken has been increasing in Toledo, Spain and that is not expected to change. The reason why the new capacity will be of help in making sure that they manufacture feeds that will satisfy the clients.

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The OSI Food Solutions is a company that has been in existence since 1909, and it’s worth $6.1 billion. For years the company has been a top 100 American food company. The success that the company has received is all thanks to Sheldon Lavin was is that CEO of the company. The reason why Sheldon is considered as the reason for the success of OSI Food Solutions is that he took the company from a domestic food company to become a worldwide company and have plants all over 16 countries.

One of the reasons why it was chosen to be at the top 100 American food company for OSI Food Solutions they continue to ensure that the customers come first. They do so by offering the customers with a different variety of food to cater to all their needs. In 2016, the OSI Food Solution where given the Globe of Honour Award. The reason why the company was given the award is because of the care measure they put in place so that to protect the environment. The event took place in London, and they got the award from the list of 18 other companies. Before they even got to the final stage, they had to pass some certain standards.

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