Month: December 2017

Securus Technologies Winning the Fight Against Prison Crime

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As a corrections officer in a Colorado prison, I can tell you firsthand that the violence in our facility has reached the point where every person behind the walls need to watch out. The reason is definitely due to overcrowded conditions, forcing inmates who don’t get along to sleep together in a cell meant for two is becoming a problem. These inmates are lashing out the only way they know how, and the violence is not trickling down to officers and guests too. When the problem reached a tipping point, we reached out to Securus Technologies to see if they could help us to get our facility back under control.


Securus Technologies was key in me and my fellow officers feeling confident again that we could get back the control that the inmates were taking. The company is based in Texas, and Rick Smith, company chairman and CEO, says his 1,100 employees are all committed to making the world a better and safer place. The call monitoring system they developed allows officers to be able to hear what inmates are saying when they use the jail phones, and that gives us a chance to stop trouble in its tracks.


If an inmate thinks that they can call family and have drugs brought in on visiting day, we make sure everything is confiscated. If an inmate brags about buying, using, or selling drugs in our jail, his cell is turned upside down until we find the contraband. If an inmate is discussing gang issues and we find out about a hit on a rival member, we can get in position before the incident happens and eliminate any chance of anyone being hurt. The jail has gotten safer days after we began using the system.


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