Rubica Keeps My Information Safe From Ransomware

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After ransomware attacked my personal computer, I realized I had not been responsible for my cyber security. The threat of hacks grows larger every year and this is a huge problem. It is important to understand the severity of the situation because the cost of cyber security attacks is quickly surpassing the funds it takes in order to deal with it. After the WannaCry attacks when hundreds of thousands of computers were infected with ransomware, more attention has been focused on this issue. Over 50 percent of the people in the Global State of Information Security Survey feel that the movement toward the digital world is resulting in security threats to their information and finances.

I have found that Rubica, a personal cyber security company, is my best option to keep my information safe from fraud, forensic investigation, and loss. The professionals at Rubica watch for any unusual activity in your data and website traffic. Their analysts look into any abnormalities so you can be confident that your information is being kept safe. You will never have to worry about ransomware being used to steal your information and force access to your personal finances. Rubica also uses a VPN in order to make sure all your data is private.


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  1. Must times we neglect the security of system endandering our bank and other useful private informations. I was devastated when I was hacked and demanded to pay cetain amount before my website could be released to me. You can learn fast at Review and it is best left that way too. However, one can stay safe and secured using Rubica.

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