Sam Boraie’s Success As A Real Estate Investor And Philanthropist

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Sam Boraie is the son of Boraie Development’s founder, Omar Boraie. Boraie Development is a leading real estate company based in the United States. Over the years, the New-Jersey based company has continued to provide the populace of the region with high-end properties. For over thirty years, Omar has succeeded in developing different properties that have revitalized New Brunswick City. Sam has helped the corporation to find appropriate locations where they can construct multi-use facilities.

To this end, Boraie Development has played a pivotal role in attracting small businesses and new residents to the city, The company has been developing apartments having large office and retail spaces. Notably, the Atlantic City has continued to recover from the shocks of the economic downturn. Sam asserts that company has long-term plans to continue redeveloping the city.

Omar introduced his children, Sam, his brother and sister, to the family business at tender ages. Over the years, they have learnt the company’s operations and history of providing the populace with world-class properties. The three siblings serve as vice presidents of the corporation. The Egyptian-born investor and CEO of the company has provided visionary leadership to Boraie Development. This way, Sam has followed his father’s footsteps and known how to assess the demands of the people. He has continued to develop properties that satisfy their utility.

Some of the properties put up by Boraie Development include The Aspire, Albany Street Plaza, The Estates at Waverly Place, The Beach at South Inlet and One Spring Street among many others. The corporation provides three crucial services, which are sales and marketing, property management and real estate development. Sam seeks to recruit talented, qualified and experienced professionals who will provide unparalleled services to their broad client base. The company has always sought to work with different successful financial institutions, competent architects and contractors. In addition, Boraie Development completes its projects in time.

According to Bloomberg, the company’s extensive experience in the real estate industry has given them a competitive edge in the field. Over the years, Sam has helped the company to develop close working relationships with different stakeholders. To this end, they can secure private capital from various commercial banks. The company uses this capital along with their own resources to develop high-end projects. The major objectives of its property management pillar are accounting, leasing, customer service, maintenance, marketing and administration. Through Boraie Realty subsidiary, which is the sales division of Boraie Development, Sam has enabled the company to make more than $150 million in commercial and residential properties.

Moreover, the executive has engaged in different charitable activities. Sam is one of the advisory board members of the Elijah’s Promise. Over the years, this institution has been providing meals to hungry people. They have been using food to inspire change in the community. In addition, Elijah’s Promise has been fighting to end hunger by providing job training, education, and food. The firm has also been creating social enterprises with the objective of building a better tomorrow. He is mandated with the duty of planning about the company’s future goals. Sam has also made significant contributions to State Theater NJ.

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